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Author of The Psychology of Money and Expert in Behavioral Finance

Morgan Housel

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Morgan Housel teaches audiences how to gain a deeper appreciation of behavioral finance topics, such as priority spending and financial independence.

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A partner at a prominent venture capitalist firm, The Collaborative Fund, Morgan Housel is a leading behavioral financial doyen. According to him, financial success is about one's behavior rather than what one knows. Morgan also believes that behavior is one of the hardest things to teach people, no matter how smart they may be. He is also a distinguished journalist and author, having written an award-winning book The Psychology of Money that has sold about two million copies. This is the book to read if you're looking for advice on how to approach money-related decisions.

Why you should book Morgan Housel for your next event

  • With behavioral finance and psychology as the basis of his presentations, Morgan Housel delivers insights into the future of the economy, helping companies to know where they can thrive.
  • Morgan shares numerous stories of how corporate leaders and investors misinterpret risks, resulting in business doom. He teaches how to avoid such misinterpretations and make sound investment decisions.
  • Combining insights from psychology, sociology, neurology, and history, Morgan demonstrates how one’s own behavior is essential for achieving financial goals. He has spoken at myriads of investment conferences in different countries.

Besides being a behavioral finance expert, Morgan is a proficient public speaker with biases that prevent people from achieving their financial goals, as the central theme of his keynotes. His behavioral finance expertise, combined with thorough research, enables him to best understand and share valuable insights into the investment industry, personal finance, and current market performance.

As a speaker, one thing that stands out for Housel is his ability to effortlessly unpack and break down complex topics, giving his audience the information they need to make critical financial decisions. The fact that he has 100+ conference speeches to his name speaks volumes about Housel’s credentials in the trade. And he has also travelled far and wide to deliver speeches.

Morgan studied economics at the University of California. As a financial journalist, he cut his teeth at The Motley Fool, a firm that provides financial advice; he was a columnist for the company. It was during this time that he became a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal. Thanks to his outstanding performance, he would later become the firm’s Senior Analyst. In 2016, Housel relinquished his position at the Motley Fool and became a partner at The Collaborative Fund.

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  • Investment
  • Behavioral finance
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  • Journalism
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