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Successful entrepreneur, investor, trader, writer, and chess master!

James Altucher

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James Altucher has numerous skills and talents, evidenced by his acclaimed books, blog, and podcast. His keynote speeches cover such varied topics as learning the skills to make millions, giving up traditional careers, and steering your life to success.

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James Altucher is a successful entrepreneur, known for having started 20 companies and is currently invested in over 30 businesses. From his early days of working in the IT department at HBO, he has gone on to write 20 books and regularly contributes to the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal. His successful trading career began in 1998 when he sold his company for $15 million as a means of investing in the internet. This led to his career as a hedge-fund manager, before going on to found a financial social media platform.

Why you should book James Altucher for your next event

  • James offers fascinating glimpses into techniques to make millions, including the 50/1 rule, and The Google Technique, to catapult yourself into the top 1% of your industry
  • In his own amusing style, James details the advantages of giving up the traditional career paths and creating your own through building good habits and decision making
  • Discover the secrets of having a daily practice with a focus on creative, emotional, and spiritual health that has allowed James to go from broke to rich several times

As a successful entrepreneur, James has expanded his portfolio to include a blog and a podcast, “The James Altucher Show” which attracts renowned guests and has had over 40 million downloads.

None of this would have been possible had he not sold his social media platform for $10 million in 2007. His next venture took him into cryptocurrency investing, despite his initial reluctance to embrace Bitcoin, describing it as a scam. His best-selling book on cryptocurrency, Choose Yourself: Be Happy, Make Millions, Live the Dream, is just one of many that regularly appear on the list of best business books of all time.

His first podcast was a collaboration, based on questions from Quora before he created his own show in 2014. The guest list is a fascinating mix of authors, entrepreneurs, rappers, drug dealers, and even astronauts!

Not content with being a successful entrepreneur, investor, trader, and writer, James is also a stand-up comedian and co-owns a comedy club in Manhattan. His considerable talents also include being a recognized National Chess Master.

There is no doubt that James Altucher has achieved success in whatever he sets his mind to, and his keynote speeches reveal how anybody can do the same.

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Speaker James Altucher Keynote Topics

Skip the Line – Accelerate to the Top 1%:

In this presentation James’ explores theories like “10,000 Experiment Rule,” “The Google Technique,” “The 50/1 Rule,” and “Spoke and Wheel” – techniques to make millions from any idea. You’ll understand how to identify your passions, and learn the skills necessary to literally, skip the line, and be among the top 1% in your field.

Failure, Comeback, and Reinvention – Creating a Daily Practice Towards a Positive Future:

Having built and sold several businesses (and FAILED at many more), James has gone from broke to rich, numerous times. Entrepreneur, Computer Engineer, Pundit, Venture Capitalist, Writer, Hedge Fund Manager, Comedian, Podcaster and more; James has reinvented his own career time and time again. Learn James’ “Daily Practice;” an every day focus on physical, emotional, creative and spiritual health, to steer your life in the right direction.

Choose yourself!

A motivational and inspirational call to give up traditional career paths and take life into your own hands by building good habits, creating your own career, and making a decision to choose yourself!


How to Skip the Line | James Altucher | TEDxBocaRaton

See keynotes with James Altucher
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