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Jesper Buch

Serial Entrepreneur
Country: Denmark

Our keynote speaker Jesper Buch is a serial entrepreneur. He has had great success with the online e-commerce site, just-eat.com and he continues to invest in and get involved with online ventures. He gives keynotes that focus on the important elements and advice he has learnt which help lead to success.

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Jesper Buch started one of the world’s biggest E-commerce success which is known today as just-eat.com (Group).

The company was started in 2000 in a basement in a small town of Denmark and by 2004 it was breaking even. A year later, Jesper decided to do it all over again, so he travelled to the UK where he founded just-eat.co.uk. In addition to his role as CEO of the UK branch, he also managed to start up sites in Holland, Iceland, Sweden and Ireland.

By the summer of 2008, Jesper retired as CEO and sold shares to Index Ventures. He then moved to Spain (Marbella) where he started SEED, investing in new startups.

The same year, Jesper also founded Mentaline.com, a place for psychologists and coaches to handle clients online.

In 2009 Jesper co-founded Miinto Group which is one of today’s fastest growing internet fashion companies in the world with online stores in 7 countries. Miinto is considered Jesper´s “child” and “chapter 2″

In 2011 Jesper sold his shares in Just-Eat.com and celebrated this by walking “Camino de Santiago, 850 km from France to North-West Spain”.  That was how chapter 1 was closed.

By the end of 2012, Jesper has written and released a book about his personal story. The book documents the 10 years, efforts and thoughts that went into building Just-Eat.

Jesper has won a lot of E-Commerce prizes and is considered one of the top internet entrepreneurs in Europe.

    Speaker Jesper Buch Keynote Topics


    Jesper tells his entrepreneurial story, how he launched the online food ordering marketplace, Just-eat, and how he succeeded in a competitive business world. This keynote covers Jesper’s journey from basement entrepreneur to millionaire. It is a story about how Just-east was built, how it grew nationally and then expanded internationally. Jesper will take audiences through the journey of his success and provide the advice which has been important for Just-eat, his employees, his family and himself.

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