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Howard Tullman

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Entrepreneur, start-up expert, and Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship

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Keynote speaker Howard A. Tullman is Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship at Illinois Tech. Tullman is a successful technology entrepreneur with over 50 years of experience in starting new businesses, disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, change management and turnarounds. He can pass on information, knowledge and detailed experience to his audience in an engaging and inspiring manner.

Why you should book Speaker Howard Tullman:

  • He is skilled.  He is a successful technology adviser and business leader.  He’ll give you insightful advice on enhancement on all your brewing innovative ideas!
  • He is a entrepreneur. Starting his own business based around digital start-ups, Speaker Howard Tullman engages audience members on the act of appealing to a niche crowd in today’s market.
  • He is tech-savvy.  Him having this fruitful characteristic helps customers elevate their own business into a new direction of high-tech possibilities.

The Start-up Specialist

As the Executive Director of the Kaplan Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship and the General Managing Partner for the Chicago High Tech Investment Partners, LLC and for G2T3V, LLC as well as the lead director for a number of tech startups, Howard Tullman is a highly sought- after technology advisor and business leader. He most recently was CEO of 1871 in Chicago – an entrepreneurial hub for digital start-ups – which is ranked Number 1 in the world. Previously, he was the Chairman/CEO of Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy which he co-founded in 2007 and the President of Kendall College.

Over the last 50 years, Howard Tullman has successfully founded more than a dozen high-tech companies. He is a futurist and visionary and also a skilled professional when it comes to online and cloud services, large-scale data delivery systems, database design and implementation and the development, creation and production of all types and formats of multimedia, computer games and audio/video digital content.

Besides his direct business interests, Howard Tullman is an in-demand lecturer and has taught an MBA class called “Start-Ups: Start to Finish”. He also teaches regularly on venturing, change management, innovation and entrepreneurship to senior managers, executive and business owners at the Kellogg School. Mr. Tullman has also taught Change Management and Entrepreneurship for Kellogg internationally in Executive Management Programs based in Hong Kong and Tel Aviv.

When giving talks or lectures, Howard Tullman is charismatic when interacting with his audience. He is a lively speaker that attendees can relate to. His transmitted messages are clear, professional and leading the way. Howard Tullman can inspire entrepreneurs and top management to achieve even better results and at the same time improve their knowledge about tech trends.

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A fast-paced, humorous, content-rich survey and analysis of the emerging trends, competitive considerations, new behavior drivers, latest tools and technologies which are changing the face and the future of our lives and our businesses.

  • The talk includes concrete, constantly-updated examples, details on essential system,process changes, and actionable take-aways for audience members from almost any industry. Specific examples relating to a particular market sector or business group are typically added.
Keynote by speaker Howard Tullman


Howard explains why active commitment, an ongoing strategy of inclusivity and aggressive emphasis on diversifying the organization are essential at all levels of an organization.

  • The company, its clients, customers, and all of its team members benefit economically and culturally in multiple ways. When properly and thoughtfully done, these types of authentic commitments and initiatives can also support the surrounding community and strengthen their city’s overall economy through accelerated job growth and expanded avenues of economic development.
Keynote by Speaker Howard Tullman


This substantive talk is especially well-suited to young adult audiences (perfect for things like “30 under 30” awards) and startup businesses as well as more traditional companies looking to understand how to incorporate disruptive technologies and more innovation into their own operations.

  • A cookbook/short course on how to start a business and encompasses his 50 years of creating, launching and growing successful high-tech ventures.
Keynote by speaker Howard Tullman


This detailed talk covers all of the lessons learned from designing, building, growing and distinguishing 1871 both in terms of physical size and scale and in terms of its unique culture and business model, which made it the largest startup mega-incubator in the United States and the Number One-ranked academic-affiliated tech incubator in the world.

  • The audience will learn how it all happened, what worked and didn’t work, what it takes to try to build their own versions, and all of the alternative funding and business approaches to paying for the project.
  • This talk is perfect for design groups, civic and community business organizations like chambers of commerce, governments, universities and other institutional groups, etc. who are attempting to evaluate and develop their own incubators and entrepreneurial ecosystems.
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