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Grant Leboff

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Sales & Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur & Author

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Keynote speaker Grant Leboff is one of the UK's foremost experts on Sales and Marketing. A thought leader in his field, his keynotes are extremely innovative and feature cutting-edge tips that help businesses thrive in the constantly evolving digital world in which he is a leader.

Grant Leboff is one of the UK’s leading marketing and sales experts. A Fellow of both The Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing, Grant Leboff is a frequent contributor to leading business media and has been featured in The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Financial Times, The Daily Mirror, and The Sun, among many others. Furthermore, he has appeared on BBC Radio numerous times.

Grant Leboff is a thought leader in his field. His main focus is on addressing the changes taking place in an ever-changing digital world with a constantly evolving World Wide Web. He is known as an innovative thinker who frequently challenges conventional wisdom in the Sales and Marketing field, thus helping the field constantly develop.

He has written three books: “Sales Therapy: Effective Selling for the Small Business Owner” (2007), “Sticky Marketing: Why Everything in Marketing has Changed and What to Do About It” (2011), and “Stickier Marketing: How to Win Customers in a Digital Age” (2014), which went directly to #1 in the Amazon Sales & Marketing Chart, and was in the top 10 overall Business Chart, on publication, in February 2014. His fourth book, Digital Selling was published in the summer of 2016. 

In 2008, Grant Leboff sold his successful direct marketing company. He is now a Non Executive Director in the company, and has several other businesses: Sticky Marketing Club® Ltd. is a strategic consultancy providing companies with Sales and Marketing strategies to thrive in a digital world, The Sticky Communication Agency Ltd. creates and distributes content, and manages its clients’ social media presence, to ensure their digital marketing is implemented successfully, and Grant Leboff’s Sales and Marketing portal, stickymarketing.com produces a wealth of resources and information on effective Sales and Marketing for business in an ever changing business environment.

Grant Leboff is a truly entrepreneurial spirit with the ability to constantly rethink conventions. This rare skill makes Leboff a highly sought after consultant and speaker, sending him all around the world to speak at conferences and events. His expertise helps big and small businesses alike to thrive in the ever-changing digital world in which he is a leader.

See keynotes with Grant Leboff

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    Marketing Strategy

    • The strategic thinking businesses need to understand in order to have an effective marketing and communications strategy. This keynote takes into account the very latest developments in software, technology and overall trends. Therefore, it always presents extremely fresh and cutting edge views.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    How Business Communications and Marketing Are Changing In A Digital Age

    • Taking into consideration all the latest technological developments, this keynote explains how the changing world around us impacts on delivering effective marketing and communications. This keynote always presents the latest cutting edge thinking in the industry.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    Social Media Strategy

    • The strategic thinking and steps behind creating a superb social media strategy.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    Digital Strategy

    • The strategic thinking necessary to create a brilliant digital strategy for your business.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    How Sales Has Changed in a Digital World

    • Learn how the world wide web and digital technology has changed the customer journey, and how businesses need to change their sales strategies in order to remain effective in this area.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    The Communication Revolution

    • Explains and puts into context the communication revolution through which we are all living, and explains how this changes the way businesses must operate in order to stay competitive.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    Content Marketing

    • The strategic thinking and steps necessary to create a great content marketing strategy.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    Mobile Marketing

    • The strategic thinking and steps necessary to use mobile marketing effectively.

    Keynote by Speaker Grant Leboff

    Business Strategy/Communications Strategy

    • Learn how companies and organisations put together effective Business and Communications strategies in a digital age.


    How Digital Transformation Changes Marketing

Grant Leboff - video

Keynote by Grant Leboff

Watch speaker Grant Leboff in action!

See keynotes with Grant Leboff

Interview with Grant Leboff

How are your keynote presentations unique?
I don’t use PowerPoint or any slides. I use a clip on mic and really engage my audience. I think with the use of slides some of that real performance and traditional oratory has been lost. It is something I like to use. My content is also original. I write books and many articles and I am considered a real thought leader in my field. Therefore, the audience always gets original thinking.

Who or what inspires you most?
What inspires me most is original ideas and people that make you think about a subject in a completely different way.

Do you have a favourite experience from your speaking career?
I really take pleasure in speaking and performing. I am fortunate as there have been so many enjoyable moments. In all my speeches it is great when you make a real connection with the audience and you know they ‘get it.’

What are your three best tips for a successful social media strategy?

  • Always give value. Today, your marketing is a product in its own right.
  • Make your customer the hero!
  • Always ask, what do I want my customer to do next? – Ensure that you understand the customer journey.

What types of results do clients experience after your programs and keynotes?
The most consistent response I get from people is that they really understand marketing strategy and how it all fits together after I speak. It demystifies the whole area of marketing and digital for people. This empowers them and allows them to create more effective communications.

See keynotes with Grant Leboff
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