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Ron Insana

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CNBC Senior Analyst and Commentator, Trailblazing Financial Journalist, Bestselling Author and Financial Professional

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Speaker Ron Insana is a financial professional creating insight, change and forward-thinking notions around his keynotes. Ron has over 30 years as an economist and financial adviser as he helps companies and people understand, navigate and dominate all economic and, financial troubles as it is forced their way.

Why book speaker Rob Insana?

  • He is entirely invested in his field. Speaker Ron Insana is a senior analyst at CNBC, an author of many leading magazines, and a pioneer of one of the first groups of financial journalists of FNN. Ron will guide audience members with insightful ideas and facts with over three decades of experience.
  • He creates insight. Ron shares his knowledge of different topics with audiences and educates them on past and current events.
  • He develops your business. Ron shares ideas on how to fully immerse and build your business according to the economic climate. Book speaker Ron Insana today for optimal results and development of your business!

What are the forces driving the economy, and how will they impact you, your business, your industry, and your investment decisions? Those are the questions speaker Ron Insana has answered for viewers and listeners every single day for over three decades. Currently senior analyst and commentator with CNBC, where he also served as anchor and correspondent since 1991. He also hosts The Market Score Board Report, a thrice-daily nationally syndicated radio program.

As a financial journalist, Ron stands alone as someone who ran a hedge fund, an experience that adds to the depth of his insights. He has also written for Money magazine, USA Today, and authored four bestselling books on investing and reading the financial market. In Ron’s speeches, he explains how Wall Street, Main Street, and Washington intersect. He translates the market signals and political maneuvers into actionable information everyone can understand and use to protect what they have and find opportunities in any market condition.

Ron Insana was a trailblazer; among the first group of financial journalists who launched the Financial News Network (FNN) in 1984. When FNN merged with CNBC in 1991, Ron continued to cover the most important stories affecting the financial markets as an anchor and correspondent on CNBC and other NBC news outlets. In the process, he became one of the most visible reporters broadcasting financial news.

Over the years, Ron became well-known for his high-profile interviews, which included: Presidents Clinton and Bush, billionaire investors Warren Buffett, George Soros and Julian Robertson,among others; captains of industry like Bill Gates, Jack Welch and the late Steve Jobs; top economists, analysts and global heads of state, from Former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, to Jordan’s Queen, Rania.

During his broadcasting career, Ron has received numerous honors for his work. He was named one of the “Top 100 Business News Journalists of the 20th Century” and was nominated for a news and documentary Emmy Award for his role in NBC’s coverage of the 9/11 terrorist attack. In addition to his work as a business journalist, Insana was the CEO of Insana Capital Partners, from 2006-2008, which, at its peak, managed the $125 million Insana Capital Partners Legends Fund. His hands-on experience in the financial industry –through some of the markets’ most turbulent times – gives Ron an added depth of perspective that few financial journalists can match.

Ron Insana has authored four bestselling books: How to Make a Fortune from the Biggest Bailout in U.S. History (2009); Traders Tales: A Chronicle of Wall Street Myths, Legends, and Outright Lies (1996), Trend Watching: Don’t Be Fooled by the Next Investment Fad, Mania, or Bubble (2002), and The Message of the Markets (2000). In addition to writing, contributing, and advising, Ron Insana is a highly-regarded speaker on domestic and global economics, financial markets, and economic policy issues. He is also currently a senior adviser at Schroders Investment Management.

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Special virtual keynote by speaker Ron Insana

Restoring Prosperity in a Post-Pandemic World

The U.S. economy’s longest expansion was stopped dead in its tracks by the Coronavirus pandemic – a shock that proved to be a wake-up call, not just to America, but to the whole world. What happens as we emerge on the other side of this crisis? New habits, sensibilities, and technologies will likely radically alter how we live and work for years, if not decades, to come. That doesn’t mean the U.S. won’t ultimately recover. In fact, with the proper policies and incentives, the economy of the next 50 years could be, quite conceivably, far stronger than the economy of the last 50 years.

Audience takeaways:

  • The question becomes what kind of world do we want to return – and is the government and the private sector providing leadership to take us into that future?
  • Ron Insana looks at how the future is unfolding and the economic implications for you, your business, and your industry.
Keynote by speaker Ron Insana

Economic Reality Check- A Snapchat of the Future

Whiplash may be the best way to characterize how it feels to try and navigate this economic landscape. With accelerating change and disruption everywhere, every day can feel like uncharted territory for business leaders.It’s made worse because the old models of predicting where the economy is headed aren’t as reliable as they once were.

  • Amid such uncertainty, Ron Insana leans on more than three decades of covering business and economic news to connect the dots to paint a picture of the economic future for business.
  • This is a powerful look at the U.S. and global economies and the political, social, technological,
    and market forces that are driving them.
Keynote by speaker Ron Insana

Decision 2020- An economic crossroads

The upcoming presidential election is a sharp contrast in economic visions. What are the choices being offered? What are the economic consequences of each – for Main Street – for Wall Street?

  • Ron Insana unpacks the candidates’ agendas and works to separate campaign rhetoric from reality; suggesting what might actually be politically achievable in the next presidential term in a non-partisan presentation.
  • What goes on in Washington doesn’t stay in Washington – it impacts the business environment like never before. Ron demonstrates how.
  • What will 2020 mean for you, your business, your industry, and your investments? Those are the questions Ron Insana answers in this presentation.
Keynote by speaker Ron Insana

Smart money moves- What to do next

How can you protect what you have and find new opportunities in this uncertain investment climate?

  • Ron Insana weighs in on stocks, bonds, interest rates, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and more with smart strategies for dealing with a complex global economy and a U.S. economic expansion that some feel is long in the tooth and others say still has plenty of room to grow.
  • How can you effectively chart a course and minimize risk while still growing your investments? It’s a tricky question and Ron Insana offers solid answers with up-to-the-minute statistics to back up his observations.
  • In an economic environment where dramatic change can occur in an instant, Ron Insana arms audiences with sound advice they can use to protect their economic future.
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U.S. Becoming an Economic Fortress


See keynotes with Ron Insana
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