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Keith Wyche

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Learn from Keith's experiences as he navigated the corporate world, overcoming obstacles and achieving success, his keynotes will empower your team to exceed their potential.

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Our keynote speaker Keith Wyche is an excellent presenter in the field of business transformation. Named one of the top 100 African American executives by both Savoy and Black Enterprise Magazines, Keith continues to be a creative, energetic and professional game changer for every company trying to survive in the turbulent environment of the 21st century.

Why you should book Keith Wyche

  • Experience the transformative impact of Keith’s leadership style. Witness how his exceptional leadership skills have motivated teams, revitalized organizations, and created positive work environments.
  • Discover how Keith’s expertise as a Walmart Regional VP can enhance your organization’s customer experience. Gain insights into creating a clean, fast, and friendly environment that cultivates customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Benefit from his extensive knowledge and practical advice, empowering your team to excel and reach new heights of success.

As a renowned keynote speaker, Keith Wyche brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of business transformation. Whether your organization is struggling to adapt to change, seeking to revitalize its growth, or striving to enhance its leadership capabilities, booking Keith for your event is a game-changing decision.

With more than 30 years of senior leadership experience, earning bottomline results for some of America’s best known corporations including Walmart, IBM, Pitney Bowes, Ameritech, SuperValu, and Convergys, Keith understands how to take organizations to the next level. He shares insights as an author, speaker, and thought leader on DEI and change management.

Keith’s dynamic and engaging presentations resonate with audiences, providing practical tools and inspiration to overcome challenges and achieve success. Drawing from his firsthand experiences, he shares invaluable lessons learned while leading major organizations through transformations. From his time as President of Cub Foods, where he achieved remarkable double-digit sales growth, to his pivotal role in turning around Acme Markets and Pitney Bowes, Keith’s achievements speak volumes about his ability to drive positive change.

By booking Keith Wyche, you give your organization access to a trusted advisor and thought leader who understands the complexities of the corporate world. His insights into leadership, team motivation, and customer experience will empower your teams to reach their full potential. Keith’s impactful presentations leave a lasting impression, igniting a renewed sense of purpose and inspiring individuals at all levels.

Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from Keith Wyche’s expertise and engaging speaking style. Book him for your next event and equip your organization with the tools and strategies needed to thrive in today’s challenging business landscape. Let Keith Wyche be your guide on the journey towards transformation and success.

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Keynote by Speaker Keith Wyche 

Leveraging Change: “How to WIN During Times of Uncertainty”

Insights for Leading Successful Transformations.

Over his career, Keith Wyche has built a reputation as the ultimate “Transformation Leader”. In fact, almost every role he has held over his illustrious career has involved helping companies navigate significant transformations:

  • In the early 80s, he was a key part of AT&T’s transformation from a sleepy monopoly, into a robust competitive entity.
  • During the 90s he was part of the leadership team that transformed IBM from a hardware and software provider, into a services and solutions provider. He did the same as the President of North American Operations for Pitney Bowes in the 2000s.
  • Since 2009, Keith has aided traditional “brick and mortar” retailers transform into omnichannel retailers to address changing consumer shopping habits. He led these efforts as
  • President of ACME Markets and Cub Foods, and as Regional VP for Walmart where he oversaw 30,000 workers in New York and Pennsylvania.

Keith has taken the learnings, challenges, and best practices from these and other organizations undergoing significant change and transformation and shares them in this presentation. After hearing Keith speak on this subject, audiences will learn about the challenges and difficulties in leading change, and how to WIN in spite of them.

With an eye on both the clients/customers and internal associates, Keith will share the:

  • Relevance and Case for Change.
  • Readiness for Change.
  • Robustness for Change.
  • Responsiveness of Change.

To encourage greater engagement, Keith recommends adding a Q&A session after the keynote, or Fireside Chat conversation to help audiences further embrace these insights.

Keynote by Speaker Keith Wyche 

Navigating Your Career: Keys to Climbing to the Top

How to Leverage your Performance, Exposure, and Brand

For years in corporate America, working your way up the ladder meant following a process. The process typically meant working hard, keeping your head down, and hoping that those in charge would recognize and promote you. In today’s reality, the ladder has been replaced by a lattice, or better yet a maze. There is no longer a linear path from the classroom to the boardroom, leaving many young professionals unsure how to navigate this new reality.

Many diverse professionals already understand that “good is not enough” for advancement. You still must be better at your job than your majority peers to gain the same rewards and recognition. However, even exemplary performance alone is not enough to advance in your career.

In this session, Keith explains the importance of public perceptions, personal branding, and visibility, networking, mentoring, developing a long-term career plan, and identifying potential career killers. His tips are valuable not only to his targeted readers – diverse mid-level managers– but also to their majority counterparts.

With an eye on both the diverse and majority associates, Keith will share the:

  • You need a thorough understanding of your company’s culture to succeed.
  • How others perceive you has a tremendous influence on your career trajectory.
  • If you want higher-ups to consider you for promotions and choice assignments, you must be visible to them.
  • Consider your long-term career goals when you contemplate a promotion, lateral move, or a job with another company.
  • Be intellectually curious, and a continuous learner. Stay current to remain relevant.
  • Senior leaders need executive-level skills, such as superior communication abilities, problem-solving techniques, and the ability to execute.
  • Effort is appreciated, but you are measured on your results.
  • Mentors and sponsors are essential to help you advance in your career.

To encourage greater engagement, Keith recommends adding a Q&A session, or Fireside Chat conversation to help audiences further embrace these insights.

Keynote by Speaker Keith Wyche 

Jumpstarting Your DEI Initiatives: Diversity is NOT Enough

The Importance of Inclusion and Equity in Creating Systems Change.

Unlike many DEI practitioners who come from a Human Resources or a pure Diversity background, as an executive responsible for billion-dollar businesses, Keith has leveraged DEI to create inclusive cultures that deliver bottom-line results. Some examples include:

  • How impactful DEI efforts are helping hire and retain top talent and make your organization an “Employer of Choice”.
  • Why it’s important to embrace a “Systems Change” approach to DEI to deliver enterprise-wide, sustainable DEI results.
  • Looking at the intersectionality of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and unlocking the potential of each to move your organization forward.
  • How to change the hearts and minds of those who don’t see the reason or value of DEI.

As a DEI consultant and thought leader for over twenty years, Keith has been hired by numerous Fortune 500 companies and organizations to help them evaluate, re-imagine, and improve the outcomes of their DEI initiatives. In this presentation, Keith shares the missteps, challenges, and best practices from these engagements to provide insights into how your organization can jumpstart your DEI efforts.

After hearing Keith speak on this subject, audiences will learn how to create a culture of inclusion and make DEI an enterprise-wide effort. Keith will provide insight into:

  • “How We Got Here” (Why DEI is even necessary?).
  • DEI Myths vs. Reality.
  • Manager and Employee Disconnects and Responsibilities.
  • Best Practices for Successful DEI Implementation.

To encourage greater engagement, Keith recommends adding a Q&A session, or Fireside Chat conversation to help audiences further embrace these insights.

Watch Keith Wyche in action!

Keith Wyche - Change and DE&I Speaker | Promo Video

Watch Keith Wyche in action!

Fireside Chat 8 - Reputation is Everything - Keith Wyche

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Keith absolutely met and in some instances exceeded our expectations. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive for both the keynote event and the follow-up workshop. Our employees appreciated his candor, personal story, and the practical tools and tips he was able to share.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group

Best workshops I have attended. [Keith] kept it real, gave us food for thought and made me understand how to get ahead. Brilliant session!!!!!”

National Black MBA Association

Appreciated hearing from an executive outside the firm that demonstrated awareness of how change has impacted organizations in different industries. Participants felt that Keith was dynamic and appreciated his straight talk in terms of how leaders should manage those that don't adapt well to change.

Ameriprise Financial
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