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Professional Economy Speakers

Professional Economy speakers address the biggest challenges faced by the global economy and bring fresh insight into the matter. As the US-China trade war succumbs in the past, new issues emerge. Financial forecasting experts believe today’s economy will be marked by massive business failures and the collapse of banks that rely on foreign capital. Book a popular keynote and keep your audience updated on the latest economy trends and predictions.

The economy’s impact on businesses and the most prevalent trends

  • Entrepreneurs tend to get caught in the diurnal demands of their organisations and often neglect the broader economy and its impact. Learn how to identify the risks and stay on top of economic trends in order to make the best decisions for your business. Book one of our professional Economy speakers and find out why you should pay attention to cost pressures, taxis and trade, the hiring shortage, cyber-attacks or the threat of a future recesion.
  • The global economy has suffered abrupt fluctuations in the past years. If your interest lies in the world’s economic vulnerabilities, A-Speakers is the right place for you. Our collection of keynotes include discussions on the US economy, global inflation rates, the variation of the US dollar, the deceleration of Chinese economy, Europe’s economic development.

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Professional Economy speakers and International experts tackle current issues of the world’s economy


Economy is a system that contributes to the equilibrium between a country’s available resources and the needs of consumers. While the World Bank predicts steadiness or lack of progress in the global economic performance, Denmark maintains a strong, stable economy. The professional Economy speakers will show your attendees the contrasting differences between the world’s most powerful economies and the business advantages of each market.