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Philosopher Nick Bostrom shares thoughts on technology’s impact on humanity

Nick Bostrom

travels from Sweden, UK

As a philosophy professor, Nick ponders global priorities and issues related to health, politics, ethics, technology, and economics.

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As the founding director of the Future of Humanity Institute, Nick delves into politics, health, technology and ethics. His research includes the study of existential risk, simulation argument, anthropics, technology impacts, and the consequences of global strategies. By focusing on international priorities, he and his cohorts examine issues and strategies, which impact global citizens. Nick is included on Prospect magazine's list of world thinkers and influences world leaders and governments making global policy decisions. His is a sought-after speaker and global influencer, creating buzz about artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity.

Why you should book Nick Bostrom for your next event

  • Audiences are enthralled by Bostrom’s in-depth knowledge about how technology and global strategies may impact humanity’s future. His research delves into the risks, arguments, and impacts surrounding global issues.
  • His presentation provides people with analysis and information to equip listeners with the proper information to make informed decisions in a variety of areas, such as economic, politics, and health.
  • As the author of 200 publications, Bostrom’s writings have been translated into 24 languages. With more than 100 reprints and translations, he is a highly regarded analytic philosopher.

Nick Bostrom is an author and philosopher who has a theoretical physics, logic, artificial intelligence, and neuroscience background. He is the founder and director of Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute, which researches how technology may impact humanity. As the most cited philosopher of his age group, he has sparked interest in researching the future of AI. He’s published more than 200 publications, including Strategies, a best seller on the New York Times list. In fact, Bostrom’s academic publications are well received across the globe and translated into 30 languages.

Bostrom leads his field in exploring technology, health, economics, and politics. His research delves into how global strategies of various governments are impacting humanity. This crucial information gives listeners reliable analysis of important subject matters for making informed decisions. With more than 1,000 interviews under his belt, he leverages his influence to spread the word about philosophies related to the future of mankind. His impactful papers have introduced the argument about simulation and existential risk concepts.

As a TED speaker, Bostrom’s philosophical, technology, and scientific ideas influence global audiences. His speaking topics include ethics, politics, health, and the economy. One of the most influential philosophers across the globe, Bostrom has also been listed twice as a part of the Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinker’s list.

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Speaking topics

Our speaker Nick Bostrom speaks passionately on the following topics:

  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  • Utopia: What kind of Future is Worth Creating?
  • Recent Developments in Artificial Intelligence
  • The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Technological trends for the next 30 years
  • Can AIs be Conscious?
  • The Future of Live in the Universe
  • Global Catastrophic Risks
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What happens when our computers get smarter than we are? | Nick Bostrom

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