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Tim Cole

Expert on eBusiness, Social Web and IT Security
Country: Germany

As an expert on the impact of digital technology and the Internet, keynote speaker Tim Cole is a sought after man. His keynotes cover a wide range of topics and provide insight on e-business, social communication and the future of finance. His objectivity and critical eye has proven valuable in leading European magazines and newspapers, and his ability to evaluate the impact of technology is of great importance in a rapidly changing world.

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Tim Cole is an expert on Internet, eBusiness, Social Web and IT Security. Born 1950 in Washington, he has lived in Germany for over 40 years, pursuing a career as a journalist, book author, TV moderator and public speaker. His book “Success Factor Internet”, which was published 1999 in German by Econ, was the first book to describe the impact of digital technology and the Internet on companies and organizations.

In “The Customer Cartel” (2004) he correctly predicted the power shift between customers and vendors in an age of total connectivity. His current book, “Enterprise 2020” forecasts even more far-reaching transformation as digital networks, mobility and total communication become an everyday fact of private and business life.

In 2013, he co-authored “Digitale Aufklärung” (“Digital Enlightenment”) together with Ossi Urchs. Here they describe the fundamental shift from an analog to a digital society and call for new values and rules enabling humans to live a fulfilled life in a society, which is undergoing rapid and fundamental change.

As the former editor of “Net Investor”, a business magazine, as well as a contributor and columnist for a number of leading European newspapers and magazines, he has a proven track record for objectivity and for critically evaluating the impact of technology on business processes and markets. In 2004, Tim Cole co-founded Kuppinger Cole, a leading European analyst group focusing on Identity & Access management (IAM), Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC), Cloud Security and Mobility.

Tim Cole is frequently asked to give talks and lectures at public and corporate events, and often customizes his talks to fit audiences. His range of topics includes e-commerce and e-business to customer empowerment, social communication, Big Data, the Future of Finance, the Industrial Internet and cognitive computing.

    A few examples of Tim Cole’s more popular standard speeches:


    Keynote by Speaker Tim Cole

    Enterprise 2020 – the Internet was just the beginning!

    • How to deal with the new customer
    • Digital Transformation and the Age of Acceleration
    • Getting in touch: How the Social Web radically changes Corporate Communication
    • Total Mobility: Welcome the Digital Nomad


    Keynote by Speaker Tim Cole

    Work 2.0

    • Where – and how – will we work tomorrow?
    • The end of the cubicle
    • Why Digital Work is never done
    • SIEM and the future of Knowledge Work


    Keynote by Speaker Tim Cole

    The Future of Intelligence – Intelligence of the Future

    • How cognitive computers will help us think better
    • Wisdom of Crowds: Together we are stronger!
    • What managers can learn from ants
    • Why we need a “Digital Enlightment”
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