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Digital Disruption
Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption Speakers

Digital disruption is a positive transformation in companies that embrace state-of-the-art technologies and business models and, needless to say, a negative transformation in those that ignore them. Book one of our Digital Disruption speakers to learn how to keep an eye out for signs of digital disruption emerging in your industry. Always be ready to create new opportunities!

At A-Speakers you will find the best Digital Disruption speakers and international experts. They are ready to educate your audiences on how to be on the disruptor side of the equation, not the disrupted. Other popular topics vary from exponential technologies, artificial intelligence, digital transformation to electric cars, the future of smartphones and digital revolution in health and finance. Click on the individual Digital Disruption speakers and read more about their keynotes.

Learn how to be the disruptor, not the one disrupted!

  • Digital Disruption speakers teach businesses how to anticipate and react to digital disruption trends. They provide expertise on transforming the underlying process of how to sell, market, communicate, collaborate, innovate, train and educate.
  • Many executives felt the consequences of digital disruption on their organisations and fear the risk it entails on the long term. Learn how to tackle the impact of digital disruption by thinking out of the box and generating unconventional products and services. Book a keynote on digital disruption and go the extra mile to offer your clients the solutions they need for today’s rapidly changing digital age.

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Digital Disruption, the new corporate asset


What is digital disruption? – much more than an abstract concept. Nowadays it became a reality for many organisations. Digital disruption is a transformation causing an increase in idea power as a result of: free digital tools that can rapidly build new products and services, digital platforms which can be exploited, and of course digital consumers.