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Jens-Uwe Meyer

travels from Germany

Economics professor, executive, author and innovation expert transforming companies into innovative giants

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Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer is a thought leader of digital disruption and innovation. After completing a PhD in economics, he went on to create his own digital company. As a speaker, Jens-Uwe offers informative and entertaining keynotes to transform any organisation for the future. His vision and strategies have already transformed businesses such as Fujitsu and ThyssenKrupp into leaders of innovation

Why you should book Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer

  • Jens-Uwe frequently publishes books and articles on innovation,  he is a knowledgeable expert on the topic.
  • As a former reporter and radio host, he is experienced in public speaking.
  • His unique approach to consultancy fosters creativity and active audience involvement, which guarantees success.

As a PhD in economics and the CEO of his own digital company, keynote speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer is a true expert of innovation. His unique approach revolutionizes consultancy allows both employees and clients are involved in product development. As it promotes creativity and involvement, companies are set to succeed with this method. This is proven as speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer already transformed companies such as Fujitsu and ThyssenKrupp into giants of innovation.

Moreover, speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer frequently contributes to influential publications on the innovation topic. In 2016 he published Digital Disruption: The Next Level of InnovationHe is also the author of the book Radical Innovation – The Handbook of  Market Revolutionaries. His publications and books provide a solid theoretical background for his keynotes.

As a former radio host and TV reporter, speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer’s message has reached audiences all over the world. His keynotes are a great combination of vital information and entertainment. In fact, Jens-Uwe offers powerful and entertaining presentations showing the steps of innovation and unveiling the business trends of the coming years.

Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer offers his keynotes in English and German, his native language is German.

See keynotes with Jens-Uwe Meyer

    Keynote by Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer

    Digital Disruption – How to reach the next level of innovation

    • In this lecture by Jens-Uwe, you will get an insight into how digitization leaders reinvent markets. Furthermore, he will also show you the principles of digital disruptors. As a result, you will learn how your company can shape the future by leading in digital development.

    Keynote by Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer

    The Power of Vision – How to put visionary ideas into practice

    • One must believe in their vision to put them into practice. With this keynote, Jens-Uwe wants to show you the tremendous power of believing in your ideas. For this reason, he will teach you how to develop big your ideas and focus on the positive – impossible is nothing!

    Keynote by Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer

    Ingenuity is no Incident! – How to utilize the thinking techniques of the great inventors

    • How do great inventors, developers and designers get their ideas? Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer will show you the secret working techniques of Thomas A. Edison, the most successful inventor of all time. With the help of Jens-Uwe, you will learn how to implement the ideas systematically and discover the courage for inventing new ideas!

    Keynote by Speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer

    Radical Innovation – Become a market revolutionary

    • Progress is not enough: to be successful in the future, companies must reach for revolution. For this reason, Jens-Uwe will introduce you and your organisation to breakthrough approaches. Furthermore, to make you the champion of innovation, Jens-Uwe will teach you how to be fearless and think radically.
Jens-Uwe Meyer - video

Jens-Uwe Meyer – International Keynote Speaker

Watch speaker Jens-Uwe Meyer in action!

See keynotes with Jens-Uwe Meyer
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