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Disruptive Innovation
Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation Speakers

Revolutionary ideas and adaptable mindsets lie at the heart of disruptive innovation. Proven to be a powerful instigator of innovation-driven growth, disruptive innovation is believed by many leaders and all-sized enterprises to be the compass for guaranteed success. Our keynotes on disruptive innovation address situations in which industries are shaken up by successful transfiguration. Book one of our Disruptive Innovation speakers and learn how to improve products and services for your most demanding customers by embracing state-of-the-art strategies. 

Disruptive Innovation Speakers on how to move up the market and displace competitors

  • The concept of disruptive innovation tends to be misunderstood. Many businesses claim to have reached upheaval stages, when in reality they are not a proper representation of genuine disruption.
  • The confusion arises when businesses choose to focus on making better products for existing clients instead of concentrating their attention on a more profitable customer segmentation. The Disruptive Innovation speakers know how to differentiate truly innovative businesses and will encourage your audiences to seek expansion by focusing on their most profitable customers.

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What is disruptive innovation?


The term ‘disruptive innovation’ refers to innovations that create new markets by discovering new categories of customers. They do so by harnessing new technologies, developing new business models, and using old technologies in new ways.

The theory of disruptive innovation was invented in 1997 by Harvard Professor Clayton Christensen. He contrasted disruptive innovation with sustaining innovation, which simply improves existing products. The key to achieve disruptive innovation lies in attracting a different segmentation of customers. In this case, whether the improvements are gradual advances or breakthroughs or is not of importance.

Disruptive Innovation speakers may be experts on the theory, or they may be business leaders and entrepreneurs who work with disruptive innovation in practice.