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Stéphane Mallard

Digital Evangelist & Artificial Intelligence Expert
Country: France

Artificial Intelligence is booming! As a digital evangelist, keynote speaker Stéphane Mallard has a clear message: Artificial Intelligence will disrupt everything. Stéphane Mallard is an expert in technology and innovation, and his keynotes focus on how the digital revolution is affecting everything in our lives.

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Stephane Mallard is an entrepreneur, author & speaker. He is the founder of Casual Shake.  Already during his teenage years Stéphane was facinated by the digital world and was taught coding. Born in France with many long trips in the U.S. as a kid, he learned coding when he was 12. Stéphane graduated in Economics at University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada and got his Master’s at Sciences Po Paris, France. He occupied several positions on digital transformation in consulting, financial and tech firms.

Speaker Stéphane Mallard launched Casual Shake in 2018 and gives may talks throughout Europe and the U.S. in corporations, schools and for the general public, to raise awareness on the impact that the digital revolution brings about and harness its potential both as a business and for personal growth.

His talks are inspiring and a bit provoking, but always conveyed in an enthusiasm fashion as he believes technology creates a brighter future for all, with addressable challenges. His goal is to empower the audience with concrete and specific ways to prepare for the coming decades. He often says that his talk is “like reading 50 books within an hour!”

Stéphane Mallard is the best selling author in France of the book Disruption : Artificial Intelligence, end of salaried jobs, augmented in humanity.

    Speaker Stéphane Mallard Keynote Topics

    Artificial intelligence

    • A.I is no science fiction any more. Machines are now learning and reaching intelligent levels that were prieviously unthinkable. The advent of A.I totally reshapes businesses and demand that people and organizations rethink how they work, and especially what they do. Artificial Intelligence is not a matter of performance and automation, it is a displacing the value and calling for different skills.

    Speaker Stéphane Mallard Keynote Topics

    Digital Revolution

    • Digital is not only new technologies. It is about empowering people with new and unlimited capacites and leverages that change the way people and organizations interact. The digital revolution calls for a new way of conducting business that harness the power of networks and demands fast, direct, streamlined and amazing experiences at all levels.
    Speaker Stéphane Mallard Keynote Topics

    The disruption of Marketing

    • As tech is empowering each of us with new and unlimited capacities, marketing will be also be impacted. We usually think of marketing as being augmented by technolgy and especially by A.I. This is true on corporations’ side. A.I will provide tools to bettter know customers and reach them at unimaginable ways. But consumers will be endowed by A.I to protect themselves against the power of A.I on marketing. As a result, marketing’s impact might be diminshed… if corporations don’t change their marketing approach.

    Speaker Stéphane Mallard Keynote Topics

    Digital world/startup culture

    • The digital revolution comes with new customs and habits. The corporate world is lagging behind as it rests on a way to conduct business that was adapted the 20th century : vertical organizations, uptight command and control management, outdated key performance indicators, and more broadly a culture of secrecy. The digital revolution demands that organizations open widely to the external world and radically cut loose from their corporate culture. Digital is about genuine, smooth and flexible interactions, not rigidity. Startups show the way.

    Speaker Stéphane Mallard Keynote Topics

    HR and skills of the digital world

    • As algorithms gain more power and flexibility, professionals will train them to transfer their knowledge and expertise. As a result, expertise will become a commodity in business. Skills will have to be sharpen towards more empathy. Becoming good at being human will become as important as being a reliable trained professional. HR will have to foster the shift.
    Speaker Stéphane Mallard Keynote Topics

    Our digital future with algorithms

    • We are entering a world where algorithms will be all around us and making more and more accurate and reliable decisions on behalf of us. Every industry will be impacted on tremendous levels. Individuals will have to get ready and develop new skills to harness all their power. Exciting challenges are ahead. And one question remains : how predictable are we ?
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