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A Financial Times technology reporter & Metaverse speaker

Cristina Criddle

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Cristina is a motivational speaker on the Metaverse. With an exceptional ability to deliver presentations on numerous topics, Cristina is a perfect choice when looking for a speaker with a permanent impact.

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A technology reporter at the Financial Times, Cristina Criddle is a celebrated media personality, covering a wide range of news and issues revolving around emerging technologies, NFTS, social media, and the future of work. She is known to have broken quite a number of exclusive news stories, including the use of illegal NDAs in the NHS and the launch of NFTs by various governments. And did you know that Cristina previously worked for the BBC as their technology reporter? Definitely, she's someone you will want to have as a keynote speaker at your event.

Why you should book Cristina Criddle for your next event

  • Cristina has tremendous experience working as a reporter for big media houses, including the BBC and the Financial Times. That makes her a successful figure in the eyes of audiences looking for someone to inspire them.
  • Her ability to speak inspiringly on numerous Metaverse topics is unmatched. Her talks revolve around social applications, Metaverse monetization, Metaverse moderation, artificial intelligence, technology trends, and cyber security, among other themes.
  • Her life journey resonates with many people, especially those aspiring to become media personalities and those whose daily lives revolve around the Metaverse.

Cristina joined Devonport High School for Girls in 2005. After completing her high school education, she went to the University of Liverpool, where she studied history and politics from 2012 to 2015. Having graduated with a BA in the said disciplines, Cristina was ripe for what would turn out to be an illustrious journalism career. In the media industry, she has worked in television, newspapers, podcasts, and radio, delivering original journalism with a broad reach. Her creativity in news reporting and content production was excellent.

While working as a technology reporter at the BBC, Cristina also hosted several programs that enjoyed huge viewership. These included the BBC Breakfast and Today programs. She is also credited with producing the Instagram Effect, a leading BBC 3 documentary that features exclusive testimonies from insiders about the impact of platforms on well-being. Cristina’s work has been published by the Telegraph Media Group, The Tab, Sky UK, the Evening Standard, and The Huffington Post, among other high-profile publications.

Cristina is a specialist speaker on Artificial Intelligence, examining how AI has entered the consumer market, with mass adoption of advanced models like Chat GPT coming into common use and transforming workplaces. She highlights the need for regulation, action and agency as the AI arms race continues raising huge questions for humanity.

With a wealth of experience gathered in journalism, Cristina understands what it means to translate stories to each medium. She specializes in investigations, technology, and digital means to create original stories that pique her audiences’ interest.

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Keynote by Cristina Criddle

Keynote topics

Cristina is a specialist speaker on the Metaverse, able to cover the following range of topics:

  • As we increasingly live our lives online, what is our interaction with technology going to be in the metaverse?
  • Corporate applications of the metaverse – hybrid working and using emerging technology.
  • VR/AR for training etc.
  • Social applications: how to form meaningful interactions/communities online.
  • Moderating the metaverse, issues around abuse, regulation, competition.
  • Monetising the metaverse: as a brand/business, as an individual.
  • How Web3, crypto, NFTs come into this And AR/VR/Gaming developments.
  • The ethical debates around what it means to be spending more time digitally.


Watch Cristina Criddle in action

Cristina Criddle Moderator Event Host

Watch Cristina Criddle in action

The Instagram Effect with Cristina Criddle on Good Morning Britain

See keynotes with Cristina Criddle
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Keynote topics with Cristina Criddle