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BBC correspondent shares journalistic insight about international conflicts

Yalda Hakim

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Yalda Hakim leverages her journalism experience to open the door to regional conflicts for global audiences.

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This foreign correspondent and documentary producer shares journalistic insights about evolving international conflicts. Joining BBC World News in 2012, Yalda Hakim leverages her journalistic expertise to cover impactful stories about countries in conflict. With extensive experience reporting on international discord, Hakim has covered stories in Iraq, South Sudan, and Yemen. In 2013, her team won an Australia Media Award for Best Television Documentary for the two Yemen investigative pieces. On her BBC show, called 'Impact with Yalda Hakim,' the broadcaster tackles controversial issues. She's gained an international reputation for her hard-hitting stories and influential guests.

Why you should book Yalda Hakim for your next event

  • Audiences are enthralled by Hakim’s hard-hitting stories about international conflict. Her insightful and heartfelt documentaries allow the world to view and understand global disputes.
  • Her presentation breaks through the fluff to provide resolute details about how international conflicts impact regional and global citizens, such as 4 million on the edge of famine in Sudan.
  • Hakim is internationally renowned for her fearless journeys into areas of conflict to find the true stories. The in-depth coverage and high-profile interviews provide help her to impart information audiences about the state of international affairs.

Hakim’s family left Afghanistan when she was just six months of age to flee the Soviet-Afghan War. Traveling by horseback to Pakistan, people smugglers helped the family to settle. After two years, the family moved from Pakistan to Australia when Hakim was only 3-years old.
She received a Journalism diploma from Macleay College in 2005 and studied for her Journalism degree via distance learning at Monash University. She worked for SBS World News in Australia at the start of her career.

In 2008, Hakim reported from Kabul and other areas of the world for Dateline. Her fluency in various languages, English, Persian/Dari, Hindi/Urdu, and Pashto served her well in her reporting. In 2011, she co-hosted Dateline with Mark Davis, a fellow journalist. In 2012, Hakim joined BBC, covering stories throughout Africa and the Middle East.

Reporting extensively about the rise and fall of the Islamic state in Iraq, famine in Sudan, and conflict in Yemen, Hakim’s international recognition for hard-hitting journalistic pieces continues to expand. An award-winning journalist, Hakim and her team received the Australia Media Award for Best Documentary for work documenting the Yemen conflict. Her coverage of high-profile news events and interviews impact the world.

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Keynote by Yalda Hakim

Speaking topics

Hakim is a well-known broadcast, journalist, news presenter, and documentary maker who focus on areas of conflict with true stories to be reviled to the world. Hakim shares her insights and knowledge with her audience. Her many years of journalistic experience is reflected in her keynotes. Some of the topics she will touch upon will be: 

  • International politics 
  • Global issues and the middle east 
  • Her path to successful stories 
  • Personal experience
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Afghan women are speaking out. Are you listening? | Yalda Hakim | TEDxLUISS

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Yalda Hakim, LMF 2017

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Keynote topics with Yalda Hakim