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Carl Miller is an expert on digital evolution and global trends.

Carl Miller

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Speaking to global audiences, Miller provides helpful information about the way technology is changing every aspect of the human experience. He gives powerful insights on politics, journalism, crime, and business in the digital age.

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Miller analyzes data to decipher how the digital world is impacting the real world. As co-founder for a UK think tank focusing on the digital ecosystem, he's authored 20 studies. He delves into topics from digital politics to cybercrime. In the process, Miller has grappled with fake news, Wikipedia manipulation, and a digital assassin's market. Drawing from these experiences, he offers audiences an immersive view of the global digital framework. Following the clues left from those participating in digital anarchy, he brings audiences a practical understanding about the potential and dangers inherent in the world's expanding online ecosystem.

Why you should book Carl Miller for your next event

  • Audiences are enthralled by Miller’s in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of the digital world. His insightful research opens an audience’s eyes to the digital dynamics impacting the land-based human experience.
  • His presentation offers practical strategies for analyzing the digital ecosystem. This valuable information equips people for planning for safe and productive digital interactions.
  • Miller’s first book provides a powerful roadmap for understanding global entities who rely on digital communication to maintain power. Published by Penguin in 2018, The Death of the Gods received a Transmission Prize in 2019.

Carl Miller offers an unprecedented view into the digital ecosystem powering global communication. His groundbreaking research provides data-backed insights about how bad actors and power mongers may manipulate digital information to control political, social media, and business outcomes. From developing tactics to combat disinformation to recognizing online manipulation, Miller offers audiences powerful tools for navigating the digital ecosystem.

His work uncovers how digital dynamics influence elections and impact society. Sharing his digital insights in a myriad of ways, Miller is regularly featured on a technology show for the BBC. He’s also written content for New Scientist, the Guardian, and Wired. His research topics range from the gig economy to analyzing the role of artificial intelligence. Following the rise of fake news and disinformation during the pandemic, Miller uses his expertise to uncover how parties leverage the digital culture to influence the masses. As information wars consume daily internet users, Miller is at the forefront of helping audiences understand the pitfalls associated with society’s digital reliance.

For companies seeking a clear understanding of the internet for planning regulation and controls, Miller’s presentations offer essential tools for developing and planning purposes. Offering information about synthetic media, digital volatility, and cybercrime, Miller is the foremost expert in understanding global trends.

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  • Technology
  • Digitalization
  • Politics & Issues
  • Social Data
  • Journalism
  • Online networking
  • Digital ecosystem
  • Cybercrime
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Digital Democracy | Carl Miller | TEDxAthens

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