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Robotic Technology

Robotic Technology Speakers

Humany is experiencing a technological revolution that threatens to alter the labour market and social interactions. The Robotic Technology speakers will have a fundamental role to play in bringing audiences up to date with the latest robotic trends and their innumerable implications. Book a keynote and learn the ultimate benefits of robotic technology.

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Speakers about robotic technology (14)

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Olympia LePoint

Olympia LePoint is an internationally-known Science Entertainer and Thought Leader. Olympia LePoint is an award-winning rocket scientist, author and TED speaker who hosts the “Answers Unleashed” podcast.

travels from USA

Olympia LePoint overcame severe poverty, traumatic experiences, plus failing math scores by reprogramming her mind, which led her to graduate Top 5 from a 6,500 graduating class with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in...


Nicolas Babin

Nicolas Babin is an agile Senior Executive with over 35 years of international, multilingual and multicultural experience. He is a Key Opinion Leader and Influencer for brands such as IBM, Amazon, Google, BNP Paribas, Engie, Dassault System, RATP Group and many other internationals as well as Start-ups and Scake-ups.

travels from France

Nicolas Babin is the author of the award winning book called The talking dog – immersion in new...


Daniel Hulme

Daniel Hulme is an Artificial Intelligence and emerging technologies expert who's leading in his field. CEO of Satalia, Daniel talks about topics such as AI, ethics, and decentralization.

travels from UK

Specializing in philosophy and innovation, Dr. Daniel Hulme is an accomplished AI expert with a wealth of qualifications and industry experience behind him. Daniel has a particular interest in how technology could be used by companies to have...


Pascal Bornet

Expert in AI and Automation, bestselling author, keynote speaker and influencer in Tech.

travels from USA

Pascal Bornet is a recognized global expert in Artificial Intelligence and Automation. He is a pioneer in the field of Intelligent Automation (IA) and the author of the bestseller book "Intelligent Automation". He has received multiple awards, and...


Byron Reese

Top serial entrepreneur, technologist and leading futurist Byron Reese helps you unlocking future opportunities.

travels from USA

Speaking across the globe, Byron brings great enthusiasm and talent for deciphering our common destiny and unlocking business opportunities within it. As a successful entrepreneur and award-winning futurist, Byron employs his perspective as a...


David Hanson

Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Hanson Robotics David Hanson speaks with authority on bringing robots to life, and how they will impact all industries

travels from Hong Kong

David Hanson has developed some of the world's most lifelike robots using his skills and knowledge of robotics engineering and cognitive science. David's forward-thinking ideas led him to form his own company, Hanson Robotics. A featured author in...


Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Top manager, successful entrepreneur & valued supervisory board member

travels from Austria

Speaker Anastassia Lauterbach is the modern Wonder Woman. There is hardly a subject area in which she is not proficient. As a linguist and psychologist with a doctorate, she has mastered no less than five languages. The professor of artificial...


Dr. Markus Gabriel

Modern and Contemporary Philosophy Professor, Thought Leader, Researcher, Policy Advisor & Bestselling Author

travels from Germany

Speaker Dr. Markus Gabriel is a philosophy professor who discusses questions about current developments in society and the economy from the perspective of ethics. Markus combines profound thoughts on the meaning of being with current events and...


Nikki Greenberg

World-leading Real Estate futurist and CEO of Women in PropTech making organizations future-ready.

travels from USA

Speaker Nikki Greenberg is the founder of "Real Estate of the Future" and CEO of Women in PropTech; she is an organized thought leader, preparing organizations for the future within their field. She uses her PropTech ideas, personal techniques, and...


Michelle Lee

The Honorable Michelle Lee has the unrivaled expertise to define the Future of Innovation and Technology

travels from USA

Speaker Michelle Lee is a remarkable expert on innovation and technology. As the first female to lead USPTO, an executive at Google and a computer scientist at MIT’s AI Lab, Michelle is the forefront of the newest innovations. Her keynotes are...


Geoff Colvin

Speaker on Disruption, Business Trends & Economy with a passion dealing with issues and challenges in the workplace

travels from USA

Experience counts in serious times. For four decades atFortune, Geoff Colvin has covered the economic, political, technological, and competitive forces disrupting business and how top leaders and companies adapt and transform to win in spite of...


Calum Chace

Best-selling author, blogger and expert on artificial intelligence speaking about the impact of AI on the society

travels from Spain, UK

Keynote speaker Calum Chace is a sought-after speaker on the topic of artificial intelligence and its impact on all of us as individuals, societies and economies. He has a background in business strategy, journalism and marketing but retired in 2012...


Vito Di Bari

Top futurist, business innovation trends and innovation expert with a global reputation of excellence

travels from USA

The keynote speaker Vito Di Bari maintains a global reputation of excellence as the world’s premiere futurist, business innovation strategist and inspirational keynote speaker, forecasting trends in business innovation based on new technologies...


Brett King

Futurist, bestselling author, and expert on innovation, financial services and the future of business

travels from Thailand

Our keynote speaker Brett King is an acknowledged futurist and expert on innovation, customer experience and technology disruption. Brett specializes in understanding the fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour, and is a sought-after speaker who...

Robotic Technology
Robotic Technology
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Advantages of using Robotic Technology

Robotic Technology
  • The most recent technological developments have transformed robots into affordable, user friendly products, their applicability covering countless industries. These rapid advancements allow for increased production as robots can complete tasks faster than human workers.
  • Book a popular keynote on Robotic Technology and learn when and how to replace repetitive and dangerous operations with effective alternatives. Incorporating robotic machines into different areas of manufacturing or production can prevent accidents and save time and money. The Robotic Technology speakers will show you how robots are capable of performing difficult chores in unsafe environments, while being more flexible, precise and consistent than humans.

The evolution of Robotic Technology in today’s world


Given the rise of evolutionary technologies, engineers are no longer manipulating the machine’s physical movements solely, but rather their social demeanours in order to generate a complex system. Robots are primarily used in automobile manufacturing and rely on artificial intelligence to perform their tasks.

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