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Brett King

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Futurist, bestselling author, and expert on innovation, financial services and the future of business

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Our keynote speaker Brett King is an acknowledged futurist and expert on innovation, customer experience and technology disruption. Brett specializes in understanding the fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour, and is a sought-after speaker who has delivered keynotes in 50 different countries during the last three years.

Speaker Brett King is the bestselling author of the groundbreaking book Augmented: Life in The Smart Lane in which he discusses how new technology will affect the future and what to make of artificial intelligence or health technology. Brett is also the author behind a number of other books, including Bank 2.0, Bank 3.0 and his latest; Bank 4.0. In these books, Brett takes up the topic and question of banking and financial services as technology and intelligent software grows more and more popular.

A keynote speaker at leading global events for financial services and innovation, Brett is an acknowledged expert on innovation, the future of business and financial services globally. He regularly in his role as industry advisor on Huffington Post, Internet Evolution, FinExtra and his own personal blog Banking4Tomorrow.com. He has been featured in print and tc several times including Bloomberg TV, BBC, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, The Asian Banker Journal, and SBC. Brett is also the CEO and founder of the $200m global mobile bank start-up, Moven.

As a speaker Brett King is engaging and entertaining. His entertaining keynotes keep the audience interested and his warm personality and charisma is just part of what makes him such a great speaker. Brett is the speaker for you, if you’re wondering what the future of business or banking industry will look like, and how technology is affecting the future.

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Special Virtual Keynote by Speaker Brett King

Technosocialism: Living in a post-Covid19 world

We’re in the midst of chaos right now with not a lot of answers, but as major global events have shaped our behavior in the past; the future will inexorably be changed by our collective response to this coronavirus. Will all the changes be good? That’s the big question.

Special Virtual Keynote by Speaker Brett King

Banking post-Covid19

For years we’ve preached digitization as a strategy, but today digitization is a simple necessity.

  • Will the post COVID-19 world force us to frame banking based on risk-free contact or on technology based analog of human contact? One thing is for sure, banking will never be the same again.

    Keynote by speaker Brett King

    Augmented: Life in the Smart Lane:

    • With technological advancement and the smartphone, we have entered the Augmented Age. In this keynote, Brett will explain how the Augmented Age can be encountered through four disruptive technologies: Artificial Intelligence, Experience Design, Health Tech and Smart Infrastructure.
    • The audience will learn about Interactive technology and how experience design change health tech as well as how the internet of things will interact with the internet of us.
    • Brett will discuss the consequences of AI and robots and answer the important question: “Will robots take our jobs?”. This is a presentation on future history, and the story about how we will live in a world that will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 250 years.

    Keynote by speaker Brett King

    Bank 4.0: Banking Everywhere but a Bank

    • In this interesting keynote, Brett will talk about banking and the future of the banking industry. We already know that banking is something you do and not somewhere you go.
    • The audience will discover how and why we should shed legacy technology that isn’t serving us, and embrace technologies as they appear without wasting money on reiteration and avoiding clunky transition.
    • This keynote is perfect for anyone in finances or the banking industry and will explain everything you need to know about what the future looks like.

    Keynote by speaker Brett King

    The Rise of Techno-Socialism:

    • While it may not feel like it, in the last 200 years, technological innovation has vastly improved society, increasing general wealth, health, and bettering the human condition.  In 1800, 45% of infants died and 90% of people were illiterate, but today, infant mortality is 4.3% and 85% of the world can read.
    • In this keynote, Brett King will answer important questions like: “How do we plan for the automated future when we realize robots have taken over much of old economy labor?” and “How can we plan educations around the future of learning quickly, unlearning, and learning again?”
    • The audience will understand how we can actually use technology in a way that makes the world better and provides everyone with healthcare, education and, in the end, food on the table and a roof over their head.
Brett King - video

Bank 2.0: Modality Shift bz Brett King at TEDxConejo

Watch the TEDx Talk by Brett King

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