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Exquisite Banking Speakers

In a world of financial complexities, how can your organization stay ahead in banking? Unlock the key by inviting a distinguished banking motivational speaker to your event.

Our carefully curated selection of banking speakers will captivate your audience with their profound knowledge and real-world expertise.

Hiring top banking speakers ensures your attendees gain a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, making your event a resounding success.


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Explore the world of banking with an exceptional speaker. Request a quote now and take the first step toward hosting a captivating and informative event

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Unlock Financial Brilliance: Request Your Banking Speaker Quote Now!

Explore the world of banking with an exceptional speaker. Request a quote now and take the first step toward hosting a captivating and informative event

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Speakers about banking (15)

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Dr. Oriol Caudevilla

Unlock the future of finance with Dr. Oriol Caudevilla. Expert in CBDCs & fintech trends, guiding businesses toward innovative success.

travels from Spain

Experience transformation with Dr. Oriol Caudevilla's dynamic keynotes. Uncover fintech's future through his expert insights, empowering your business with innovative strategies. Propel success, embrace...


Susannah Streeter

Susannah Streeter is a global financial commentator and former BBC business anchor who is sought after as a thought leader on trends affecting the world economy.

travels from UK

From sustainable investments to inflationary pressures, digital disruption and crypto currencies, Susannah’s knowledge comes to the fore as a keynote speaker and moderator of global conferences around the world, from the Arctic circle to the...


Alex Sion

With over 20 years of experience in business, technology and marketing strategy for financial services firms, Alex Sion is poised to become one of the industry's greatest disruptors.

travels from USA

Alex Sion is set to 'take on' and change the banking world as we know it, impacting every aspect of the way in which banks operate and interact with their...


Beatrice Weder di Mauro

With an in-depth understanding of monetary policy, Beatrice provides guidance about the challenges in international markets to global governmental and economic organizations.

travels from Singapore, Switzerland

Serving as a professor who teaches international economics at the Geneva Graduate Institute, Dr. Weder Di Mauro is an expert in financial markets, currencies, and monetary policy. Leaders look to her for guidance from her vast knowledge about the...


Matthias Kroener

Matthias Kroener: A highly respected leader with flair for planning, building, operating disruptive and customer-centric banking business models.

travels from Germany

For more than 25 years, Matthias Kroener has been on a mission to innovate and disrupt the financial services...


Dr. Leda Glyptis

As a banking and financial technology expert, Glyptis develops plans for delivering digital client propositions to global customers and leads innovation and engagement.

travels from UK

As a well-known banking professional, Dr. Leda Glyptis is an expert in digital disruption. Her in-depth knowledge about banking technology and ecosystems garners international respect. She is a sought-after speaker and industry expert in the field...


Karen Wendt

Karen Wendt, an exceptional leader, guides organizations in banking, sustainability, innovation, and digital transformation. Unleash success with her expertise and insights.

travels from Switzerland

Unlock success with Karen Wendt, a visionary in sustainability, finance, and change leadership. With 20+ years in top-tier financial institutions, she pioneered strategies, co-created international standards, and oversaw...


Igor Pejic

Financial tech speaker and corporate innovation strategist

travels from Austria

Speaker Igor Pejic writes about banking, finance, and is an expert panelist for major tech-driven shifts. He is the author of Blockchain Babel, a Financial Times Business Book of the Month, and he has worked in management positions in banking and...


Philippe Dessertine PhD.

Economist providing powerful insights into topics such as geopolitics, currencies and the global economy

travels from France

Economist and speaker Philippe Dessertine, PhD., is a renowned expert on the themes of macroeconomics, currencies, spatial planning and geopolitics. Philippe’s tailored keynotes deliver powerful insights and appeal to a wide variety of...


Sam Maule

FinTech Evangelist, mentor, podcast host, FinTech leader and Managing Partner in North America for 11:FS

travels from UK, USA

Keynote speaker Sam Maule has 20+ years of experience working in the payments, mobile and banking sectors across North America and Europe. As a speaker Sam Maule focuses on the human element of digital and banking innovation....


David M Brear

Founder and CEO at 11:FS helping banks, insurers, regulators and governments improving through digitization.

travels from UK

Keynote speaker David Brear has dedicated his career to the technology of financial services. His peers, banks and a number of industry bodies repeatedly vote David to be one of the most influential people in Banking, Insurance and...


Terry Savage

Journalist, author and personal finance expert advising individuals and companies on corporate strategy and economy

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Terry Savage is a highly recognized journalist, author and expert on personal finance. She understands different audiences and knows how to reach out to people. Her charismatic but straightforward attitude makes her a popular TV...


Tauni Lanier

Investment banker and expert on sustainable finance and financial development sharing valuable insights into finance

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Tauni Lanier is an investment banker and an expert on sustainable finance and development in the finance sector. She delivers insightful and knowledgeable presentations on finance, corporate social responsibility and climate. She has...


Chris Skinner

Author and commentator on FinTech, the Chief Executive of Balatro Ltd., and co-founder of the website Shaping Tomorrow

travels from Poland

Keynote speaker Chris Skinner is a well respected expert on financial issues. He has written several books covering issues such as European Banking regulation, the credit crisis and the future of banking. He has been a consultant for numerous...


Brett King

Futurist, bestselling author, and expert on innovation, financial services and the future of business

travels from Thailand

Our keynote speaker Brett King is an acknowledged futurist and expert on innovation, customer experience and technology disruption. Brett specializes in understanding the fundamental shifts in consumer behaviour, and is a sought-after speaker who...

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Navigating the Banking Landscape: Insights for Work and Beyond

Banking is an integral part of our daily routines, seamlessly woven into both personal and professional spheres. At work, the impact of banking resonates across various aspects, influencing decision-making, financial strategies, and overall business stability.

Financial Management: Whether you’re a seasoned executive or an entry-level employee, banking plays a pivotal role in managing your company’s finances. From monitoring cash flow and optimizing working capital to handling investments and loans, effective banking practices underpin the financial health of any organization.

Transaction Efficiency: Every business relies on seamless transactions to function smoothly. Banking services enable swift fund transfers, payroll processing, and supplier payments, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and efficient.

Risk Mitigation: The banking sector offers a suite of risk management tools to safeguard businesses against market volatility and unexpected financial shocks. Hedging instruments, insurance coverage, and trade finance solutions are just a few ways banking assists in minimizing potential risks.

Digital Transformation: The advent of technology has revolutionized banking, giving rise to innovative fintech solutions. At work, digital banking platforms streamline payment processes, enhance accessibility to financial data, and facilitate remote transactions, thereby boosting productivity and agility.

Elevate Your Insights with Banking Speakers

Amidst the intricate landscape of banking, harnessing the expertise of distinguished banking speakers can be a game-changer for your organization’s growth and success. Here’s why you should consider hiring top banking speakers for your next event:

In-Depth Knowledge: Banking speakers bring a wealth of knowledge acquired through years of experience within the financial sector. Their insights encompass the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and emerging technologies, providing your audience with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic banking landscape.

Practical Strategies: Our curated selection of banking motivational speakers not only share theoretical insights but also offer actionable strategies tailored to your organization’s needs. From optimizing cash management to navigating compliance challenges, their guidance equips your team with practical tools to enhance financial decision-making.

Engagement and Interaction: Hiring banking speakers transforms your event into an engaging and interactive experience. Q&A sessions, workshops, and panel discussions led by these experts foster meaningful dialogues, enabling your audience to delve deeper into banking concepts and gain valuable insights.

Enhanced Event Impact: A keynote address by a banking speaker adds a prestigious and influential dimension to your event. It elevates the value of your gathering, attracting a wider audience and enhancing your brand’s reputation as an industry leader committed to professional growth and development.

In conclusion, banking’s pervasive influence in our daily work lives highlights the importance of understanding its nuances. By booking a keynote speaker to address this vital topic, you unlock a wealth of knowledge, strategies, and motivation that propel your organization toward success in the ever-evolving world of banking. Don’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with top banking speakers who will empower your team to navigate the complexities of the financial sector with confidence and innovation.

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