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Dr. Leda Glyptis

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As a banking and financial technology expert, Glyptis develops plans for delivering digital client propositions to global customers and leads innovation and engagement.

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As a well-known banking professional, Dr. Leda Glyptis is an expert in digital disruption. Her in-depth knowledge about banking technology and ecosystems garners international respect. She is a sought-after speaker and industry expert in the field of digital innovation and business transformation.

Why you should chose Keynote Speaker Dr. Leda Glyptis

  • Audiences enjoy Dr. Leda Glyptis’ informative presentation about leveraging technology for robust market engagement. Her presentations explore technology disruption, business, money, and tech enablers.
  • She provides audiences with practical tools for elevating customer engagement and retention with the use of new technologies. Her market strategies help audiences to chart a plan for improving market performance, innovation, and execution.
  • An advocate for employee-derived ideas for developing a business’ market planning, Glyptis elevates the way her listeners view employee and customer engagement/

Formerly Chief Innovation Officer for Quatar National Bank, Glyptis developed the innovation department to spark employee-focused ideation and design concepts for robust customer engagement. Leveraging this experience in her current Chief Client Officer role at 10x Banking, Glyptis engages customers in digital transformation and technology strategies to improve market penetration.

As a global leader in digital and business transformation, Dr. Leda Glyptis enhances the way businesses engage customers. A leading voice for digitizing the banking industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge to high-performing teams. As a technology innovator, Glyptis has decades of experience mobilizing employees in customer-centric engagement with new technologies.

As an advocate for digital integration in banking, Glyptis offers a wealth of experience to help corporations and organizations experience extraordinary business transformation. She serves as the Chief Client Officer for 10x banking. In that role, she leverages digital technology to enhance the customer experience. As the former Chief of Staff for 11:FS, she developed client propositions and supported the CEO in scaling business operations. As the former Chief Innovation Officer for Qatar National Bank, Glyptis led digital innovation and customer engagement for the optimal execution of market strategies.

As a renowned public speaker, Glyptis utilizes her understanding of digital transformation to help audiences forge a new way for engaging mass audiences using new technology. Focusing on topics from digital transformation to tech disruption, her high-energy keynotes provide an entertaining look at the power of technology to scale business operations and enhance customer engagement.

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Keynote topics from Dr. Leda Glyptis

Leda brings a wealth of experience in new technologies, digital transformation, and market-leading strategy and execution.

She speaks on topics such as:

  • The key to digital transformation.
  • The lies we tell ourselves about digital transformation.
  • Money is not a dirty word.
  • Tech enablers and business transformation.
  • Tech disruption: knowing what to look for.
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Why we need to upgrade the world's banking infrastructure now: Dr Leda Glyptis




See keynotes with Dr. Leda Glyptis
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Keynote topics with Dr. Leda Glyptis