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Advisor, Technology Specialist, Author, and Public Speaker

Nina Schick

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Nina Schick is a top disinformation expert and political keynote speaker. She focuses on how artificial intelligence and technology reshape global geopolitics and democracy. She can deliver keynotes in multiple languages, including English, German, and French.

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As a top journalist covering politics for the biggest media houses, such as CNN and the BBC, Nina Schick is undoubtedly a household name. Her expertise on how technology is transforming geopolitics and society at large is unparalleled. She provides invaluable advice to businesses and governments on a wide range of issues, including disinformation and cyber security, and how they impact democratic systems and trust. Talking of authorship, her books are out there for everyone to see. One of them is Deep Fakes, which talks about how dangerous synthetic media is to the future.

Why you should book Nina Schick for your next event

  • Yes, you heard correctly that Nina has a good command of many languages. Whether you want her to present in English, French, Spanish, or English, she won’t disappoint. She is so fluent in these languages that you may not tell which one of them is her native language.
  • As a speaker, Nina is a suitable fit for many audience types. She draws on her effervescent personality and professionalism to deliver effective keynotes.
  • Nina’s experience of Brexit and European politics put her in the best position to advise organizations and leaders on politics and disruptive technology.

While working in politics, Nina was entrusted with senior roles by political strategy firms. She also worked for Open Europe as a Communications Director. These senior positions enabled her to offer valuable counsel to powerful politicians, including Joe Biden, the current President of the United States. Other high-profile names on her list of clients include Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Emmanuel Macron, the current French president. Nina’s role in handling global crises, such as the Covid 19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, can not be underestimated.

After amassing a wealth of experience working for big organizations, Nina had to find a way to help people and businesses make the most of her invaluable knowledge and expertise. And there was no better way to do that than founding her own advisory firm. It is called Tamang Ventures.

From NGOs and governments to private businesses and individual leaders, Nina’s firm is an asset to all. Clients turn to it for issues on the geopolitics of technology, disinformation, synthetic media, espionage, and cybersecurity, among others. In her view, artificial intelligence technology will change human communication, with more than 90% of video content online being generated by this technology by 2030.

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The Era of Generative AI

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  • Understanding Generative AI: Its History and Challenges
  • Leveraging Generative AI for Social Good
  • The Intersection Between Generative AI and Human Creativity
  • Transforming Businesses with Generative AI
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  • Blazing a Trail in Hyper-Personalization with Generative AI
  • Harnessing the Economic Benefits of Generative AI
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Generative AI Will Change Human Experience | Dan Neely + Nina Schick

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