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Speakers about language (7)

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Buyelwa Xundu

As a Diversity Consultant, Founder, Facilitator, Speaker, Storyteller & Legal Professional Buyelwa Xundu inspires her audience to challenge their stereotypical gender views and beliefs

travels from South Africa

Buyelwa Xundu is the founder of Bound Consulting, a facilitator, speaker, host and legal professional. Buyelwa completed her LLB at the University of the Western Cape and proceeded to do her articles at Legal Aid South Africa, in Stellenbosch....


Susie Dent

Susie Dent is a Logophile, Television Celebrity, Language Researcher, and Etymologist - Sharing her love and passion with the audience, employees, and leaders. She provides them with tools on how to communicate in a meaningful and inspiring way.

travels from UK

Susie Dent is best known for her appearances on the popular UK TV game show “Countdown”, where she has presided over Dictionary Corner since 1992. A former Editorial Director for Oxford University Press, and spokes person for the Oxford English...


Pacelle van Goethem

Pacelle van Goethem transforms the way audiences view persuasion. Her books and audio books are lauded for the inspirational way she breaks down the science of persuasion, which has led to a prolific speaking career.

travels from Netherlands

As the foremost persuasion expert, Dr. Pacelle van Goethem travels the globe to introduce her unique techniques to audiences. Formerly a language pathologist, she’s leveraged years of study to bring audiences a dynamic presentation with powerful...


James Nottingham

Educational leader and entrepreneur with a passion in transforming research into strategies that work in classrooms

travels from UK

Keynote speaker James Nottingham, one of the world's foremost thinkers within education, has a remarkable ability to inspire positive change with his inviting and motivational approach to teaching and learning. Never afraid to challenge the norms,...


Frank Luntz

Successful author, American political consultant, communications specialist and Republican Party strategist

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Frank Luntz is a Republican Party strategist, pollster, and one of America’s foremost experts on communication strategies and public opinion. He has appeared on all major network channels, and hosts many very influential focus...


Steve W. Martin

Sales Coach and Expert on a mission to help businesses create successful relationships through the power of language

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Steve W. Martin is an expert in the field of ‘sales linguistics’, the study of how customers use language during their decision-making process. He uses lessons learnt in the world of sales, computer programming and...


Allan Pease

Best-selling author and body language expert researches and studies selling, relationships, and human communication

travels from Australia

Our keynote speaker Allan Pease is an internationally recognized body language expert, and bestselling author on the topic. He provides entertaining presentations, and reveals skills and techniques to help decode other people’s behavior and...

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About Language

  • Language is the ability to acquire and use complex systems of communication, particularly the human ability to do so, and a language is any specific example of such a system. The scientific study of language is called linguistics.
  • Estimates of the number of languages in the world vary between 5,000 and 7,000. However, any precise estimate depends on a partly arbitrary distinction between languages and dialects.
  • Human language has the properties of productivity, recursivity, and displacement, and relies entirely on social convention and learning. Its complex structure affords a much wider range of expressions than any known system of animal communication.
  • Languages evolve and diversify over time, and the history of their evolution can be reconstructed by comparing modern languages to determine which traits their ancestral languages must have had in order for the later developmental stages to occur.
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