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Erin King

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Erin King, bestselling author and renowned speaker, helps organizations master the art of persuasive communication in the digital age.

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Revolutionize your communication game and achieve remarkable growth with Erin King, the world's leading digital persuasion expert. Elevate your teams with her dynamic keynotes, practical insights, and actionable techniques. Unlock the power of persuasion for organizational success.

Why you should book Erin King for your next event

  • Gain the Power of Digital Persuasion: Book a keynote speech with Erin King to equip your organization with the tools and strategies to master the art of persuasive communication in the digital age. Unlock the potential to influence and engage your audience like never before.
  • Stand Out in the Digital Landscape: Erin King’s expertise in digital persuasion will give your organization a competitive edge. By mastering the strategies she shares in her keynote speeches, you’ll enhance your online presence, captivate your target audience, and make a lasting impact in the digital realm.
  • Experience the Expertise of a Bestselling Author: Erin King, a 2x bestselling author, brings her in-depth knowledge and insights to every keynote speech. Benefit from her acclaimed books, “Digital Persuasion” and “You’re Kind of a Big Deal,” and gain practical tools to achieve communication excellence.

Introducing Erin King, a dynamic keynote speaker who brings the art of persuasive communication to life in a way that resonates with organizations worldwide. Picture this: you’re sitting in a crowded conference room, struggling to capture the attention of your audience. Sound familiar? That’s where Erin King steps in.

As a renowned motivational speaker and expert in digital persuasion, Erin King has dedicated her career to helping organizations overcome communication challenges and achieve remarkable results. When you book Erin King for your event, you’re inviting a powerhouse of expertise to the stage, ready to inspire and transform your audience.

In an era dominated by digital noise and short attention spans, Erin’s insights are more relevant than ever. She understands the crucial importance of connecting with your audience and delivering messages that leave a lasting impact. Erin’s engaging keynotes provide actionable strategies that bridge the gap between traditional and digital communication, ensuring your organization stands out and drives meaningful engagement.

One of Erin’s greatest strengths lies in her ability to make complex concepts accessible and applicable to any industry. Whether you’re a sales team looking to close more deals or a leadership group aiming to inspire and influence, Erin’s keynotes deliver practical techniques to elevate your organization’s communication game.

When you book Erin King for your event, you’re securing an experience backed by a proven track record. Her expertise has been sought after by prestigious clients, including The Academy Awards in Hollywood and The U.S. Navy at the Pentagon. Erin’s award-winning PUB(™)Method has empowered countless organizations to communicate more compellingly, both online and offline.

In today’s competitive landscape, effective communication is a game-changer. Don’t miss the opportunity to transform your organization by booking Erin King as your keynote speaker. Unlock the power of persuasive communication, motivate your team, and drive success. Take the first step and book Erin King for your event today.

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Get More Yes: Ignite Your Influence

When you’re selling to prospects or leading your team- virtually or in person- how persuasive are you REALLY?  Does your communication style in today’s radically new world of work inspire others to say YES to your ask, YES to your idea, and YES to YOU?  Maybe you’re feeling stuck because your leadership style or sales approach doesn’t seem to be yielding your usual results?  Whether you struggle with your “screen speak”, or need to amp up your in-person impact, Erin King will teach you precisely how to communicate more compellingly using her award-winning PUB Method.

Keynote by speaker Erin King

Digital Persuasion: Navigating the A.I. Revolution

The rapid rise of artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and Midjourney are having a transformative impact on every aspect of every single business model: particularly on sales and marketing efforts. Even the most tech savvy organizations are struggling to keep up with how they communicate with their teams about how, when, where, and why to embrace the co-creative opportunities of A.I. to defend and expand their competitive edge. Fear and confusion are running rampant, leaving leaders AND their teams feeling lost in this new, complex world of work.

Keynote by speaker Erin King

You’re Kind of a Big Deal: Unlock Your Audacity

When your inner GPS is telling you to take a different route – how do you respond? 

When you find yourself at a personal or professional crossroads- where do you turn for answers? Exactly how do you get unstuck? 

When you find yourself in a challenging situation- do you gravitate towards the comfortable, even when you know you should level up? 

In a world where we’re technically told “Go Girl”- why do we as women still find ourselves up against so many “No Girl” situations? Leveling up in your personal and professional life takes much more than just confidence and courage… it takes something bigger, bolder and grittier: AUDACITY. If you’re finding the same old mindset work and strategy deployment STILL isn’t getting you where you want to go- unlocking your audacity might be the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Three-time entrepreneur and bestselling author Erin King shares her proven success roadmap to unlocking your “Big Deal Energy” so you can finally step into the life you’ve dreamed of living- online, offline and all the time.

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