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Influence and persuasion Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about Influence and persuasion. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about influence and persuasion (7)

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Genieke Hertoghs

Uncover the power of the subconscious with Genieke Hertoghs, renowned speaker and author, guiding organizations to effective communication strategies.

travels from Netherlands

Supercharge your success with Genieke Hertoghs, the brain expert behind Subconscious Impact. Upgrade how your team communicates, sparks change, and achieves big results. Book a keynote now to tap into the power of the unconscious mind and drive...


Erin King

Erin King is a bestselling author and the world's leading personal energy management expert. She helps ambitious achievers activate their Big Deal Energy for more ambition, alignment, and aliveness.

travels from USA

Transform your organization with Erin King, a SUCCESS Magazine Top 10 Motivational Speaker of 2023. As Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint Media, she's empowered global brands and authored "You're Kind of a Big Deal." Activate alignment, ignite...


Duncan Stevens

Duncan inspires teams and leaders to influence more effectively, collaborate more productively and sell more consistently without compromising their values.

travels from UK

Duncan Stevens is a professional keynote speaker who helps brands, companies, teams and leaders influence more effectively, collaborate more productively and sell more consistently. He is the founder of the Influence Association, the Author of...


Pamela Barnum

Pamela Barnum: A trust strategist with a 20-year career in the criminal justice system. Learn to detect deception and build trust through her unique expertise.

travels from Canada

Speaker Pamela Barnum has a 20-year career in the criminal justice system as she continuously built her rapport around trust and body language in her different careers. Today, Pamela uses her expertise to guide businesses on how using non-verbal...


Phil Jones

Phil M Jones: Master of Influence, Founder of 5 Multimillion-Dollar Companies. Your Key to Unlocking Success!

travels from USA

An expert in sales and business, speaker Phil Jones is on a mission to demystify the sales process. Through his keynotes, he helps audiences understand the basics of being a successful salesman by learning new skills and getting customers to come...


Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim

Shaping Cultural Excellence: Dr. Nashater Solheim, CEO of Progressing Minds. Unleash her negotiation and influence training to drive your organization's success.

travels from Norway

Unleash Success with Dr. Nashater Deu Solheim: CEO of Progressing Minds, endorsed by Forbes and Harvard Business Review. Harness her 25+ years of leadership expertise, strategic psychology, and negotiation mastery. Elevate your team's influence,...


Dr. Mel Campbell

Motivational psychologist in sales, emotional intelligence and body language who can raise your employee’s skill levels

travels from USA

Unlock peak performance with Dr. Mel Campbell, renowned motivational psychologist. Elevate your team's skills, boost productivity, and tackle negative behavior patterns. With 17+ years of global expertise and a corporate background at IBM and MCI,...

Influence and persuasion
Influence and persuasion
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