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Culture and Society

International experts on why culture is important in our society

  • Keynotes on society and culture often put some of the highly controversial and popular subjects up for debate. The issues are those that occupy large parts of society at a particular time.
  • On A-Speakers you can find some of the best speakers on culture and society. Their excellent inputs will make each keynote unique without any doubt! Culture and Society topics will definitely bring new perspectives to attendees and can be of interest for any type of event.

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How are culture and society interlinked with one another?


Individuals and groups of people define themselves through culture, using a set of shared societal values and their contribution to a given community. As a result, when discussion about culture, the keynote speakers will use references to an abundance of societal aspects such as language, customs, norms, values, organizations or institutions.


Our popular keynotes tackle issues concerning the social and cultural policy or history, and the connection between the present and the past. Clusters of cultural meanings will be addressed in association with specific societal activities. Some representative topics include family, education, health, work and health care.