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Join Shane Dallas on a captivating journey through the world's hidden treasures

Shane Dallas

travels from Australia, Kenya

Shane Dallas is an experienced and engaging speaker who shares his unique perspective on global cultures through masterful storytelling and visually stunning presentations.

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Shane Dallas is an international speaker, travel photographer, and storyteller with over 35 years of experience. He has traveled to over 100 countries, including some of the world's most remote and challenging destinations. Shane's presentations are customized to suit each audience, featuring vivid stories and stunning images that leave a lasting impression.

Why you should book Shane Dallas for your next event

  •  Shane extensively prepares for every presentation with meticulous detail in his writing and rehearsal. He customizes every presentation he gives to suit the audience and the event – no two presentations are the same.
  • People who have seen him speak describe Shane as the ‘Master Storyteller’ due to his extraordinary range of pace, pitch, power and pause when speaking. Combined with his lyrical speech writing, he provides a remarkable presentation that will be remembered by attendees for many years.
  • Shane shares his incredible travel photographs during presentations that visually reinforces the spoken message. 

With more than 35 years of public speaking and international travel experience, Shane Dallas provides a unique insight into the people and places of this planet. He has visited and photographed more than 100 countries, including destinations not often visited by other travelers – such as Afghanistan, Yemen, Kurdistan, and Somaliland.

He has felt the power that travel brings an individual. Travel can transform lives by nurturing such attributes as courage, confidence, appreciation, awe, and respect. His experiences can inspire others to undertake a similar path of transformation by embracing a different way of thinking.

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Keynote by Shane Dallas

Nurturing courage and confidence to reach your full potential

Courage and confidence are two of life’s most important attributes. Without them, it is difficult to reach our full potential, and our lives feel more limited. In this keynote, you will understand how travel increases courage and confidence at a faster rate than almost any other activity. Once this courage and confidence has been gained when you travel, it will positively influence every part of your business and personal life when you return home. 

Audience takeaways

  • How to start and continue on the path to courage and confidence
  • How to use travel to increase courage and confidence
  • How courage and confidence unlocks the door to your full potential
Keynote by Shane Dallas

How appreciation and awe leads to a profound life

Have you ever stopped to deeply consider and appreciate the wonders of the world that surround you? Our lives are filled with experiences, people and objects that we should appreciate, but we mostly take them for granted. Once a person learns to appreciate, awe can follow – and moments of awe can define a person’s life. In this keynote, hear how a near-death experience and extensive travel have shown the profound importance of a life abundant with appreciation and awe. 

Audience takeaways

  • A greater appreciation of the things in your life that you take for granted
  • How you can seek moments of awe in life
  • Learn from a first-hand near death experience and the impact of a second chance of life
Keynote by Shane Dallas

Deeper, larger, richer - the power of transformative travel experiences

One of travel’s greatest benefits is the opportunity to immerse within another culture. The best way to immerse in a place is to become an explorer – to seek out sights and experiences away from the main attractions, and to meet local people that you find there. In this keynote, listen to practical steps as to how to become an explorer when you travel. When you explore, it can lead to travel experiences that can transform your life.

Audience takeaways

  • Practical steps on how to seek transformative travel experiences
  • Learn the benefits of being an explorer when traveling
  • How serendipity more often comes to those who explore
Keynote by Shane Dallas

Embracing the humanity that unites us all

Travel brings the world together. Interactions between people when travelling puts a human face on different nations, and it replaces fear and suspicion of the unknown with knowledge and understanding. Travel makes us realize that the similarities that unite us as people are far more significant than the differences that divide us. In this keynote, learn from experiences gained from travel through more than 100 countries that show why we should embrace our shared humanity.

Audience takeaways

  • A greater understanding of the humanity you share with other people
  • First-hand stories that show the strength of humanity
  • A shift to seeing the world with less prejudices
Keynote by Shane Dallas

Challenging and changing perceptions through travel

The reality of the world is very different to our usually incorrect preconceptions. These preconceptions build a wall that prevents us from seeing what the world is really like, and this wall is built of bricks concerning danger, culture, race, and politics. In this keynote that may challenge the way you think, listen to stories that explain how the world is far different from what we believe. 

Audience takeaway

  • A greater understanding of how preconceptions impact the way you think
  • How critical and independent thinking changes the way you view the world and its people
  • How travel brings a global understanding to your life
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Shane Dallas - Keynote Reel

Watch Shane Dallas in action

Interview with Shane Dallas from The Travel Camel

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