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Television personality Ben Fogle inspires audiences to experience adventure

Ben Fogle

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As a globetrotting adventurer, Ben Fogle inspires audiences to live an adventurous life. With experience traveling from Antartica to exotic destinations, he offers listeners a global lens to view the world from a traveler's perspective.

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Throughout his career, Ben Fogle has worked as a television presenter, adventurer, and writer. He is globally recognized for his feats of endurance, including climbing Mt. Everest, a 160-mile, six-day trek across the Sahara Desert in the Marathon De Sables, a 3,000-mile race rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, and his work as part of a team to race across the Antartica in sub-zero degree weather. His legend-worthy adventures inspire audiences to live more exciting lives. Books about his travels to exotic and historical destinations have received critical acclaim. He's used his platform to bring awareness to environmental causes.

Why you should book Ben Fogle for your next event

  • Audiences respect Ben Fogle’s commitment to environmental causes and his passion for exploring the world. He brings listeners an entertaining perspective on travel and first-hand accounts of harrowing experiences.
  • Fogle offers insight into a wide range of environmental issues impacting cultures across the globe. His inspirational keynotes inspire listeners to action and exploration.
  • Fogle’s activism inspires participation in projects to save the environment. He is the Patron of the Wilderness for the United Nations and oversees the Campaign for National Parks as president.

Ben Fogle came into the public eye as a cast member of the popular show, Castaway 2000. During the BBC series, he participated in an experiment, which saw thirty-six participants marooned on an island in Scotland for a year. He parlayed that experience and his newfound notoriety into work as a television personality for Disney, BBC, National Geographic, and Discovery. Hosting a variety of programs focusing on nature, Fogle became a regular fixture on television. From Animal Park to Wild in Africa, Fogel informed the world about the hidden secrets of destinations around the globe.

Moving from in front of the camera to behind the scenes, Fogle began producing programming and taking more control over the content he represented to the world. He documented an expedition to the South Pole to recognize the trip made by Captain Robert Falcoln Scott’s expedition a century previous.

Fogle has written and published nine books, includingRace to the Pole, Inspire, The Teatime Islands, and The Accidental Adventurer. His literary works help global readers to understand nature and how to live in it. He’s also written for globally recognized publications, such as The Guardian, the New York Times, the Daily Mail, and Glamourmagazine.

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