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Global Warming

Speakers on Global Warming

What causes global warming is an ongoing discussion, and the consequences can be difficult to predict. Even small increases in temperature can have big impacts on our planet.

Our global warming speakers will discuss facts and causes in interesting keynotes. Learn more about global warming and its effects on global climate change.

See below for our keynote speakers on global warming.

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Speakers about global warming (8)

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Andrew Winston

Andrew Winston

A recognized expert on how businesses can find the Gold in going Green by tackling humanity’s biggest challenges

travels from USA

Globally recognized writer and speaker Andrew Winston offers valuable insights on how businesses can profit by acknowledging the world’s biggest challenges. Andrew is perhaps best known for his books “Green to Gold” and “The Big Pivot”,...


Olof Gränström

Political scientist who will help you make sense of the world based on facts and not fear in thought-provoking keynotes

travels from Sweden

Keynote speaker Olof Gränström is a political scientist and educator. Olof’s mission is to make more people learn and understand more about the world we live in. As the expert he is, he provides the audience with a global and historical...

Ali Eftekhari

Professor, researcher and President of the American Nano Society speaking about science and education policies

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Ali Eftekhari is a professor of chemistry who has held senior executive positions 20+ years and on 4 continents developing science and education policies at both the institutional and national level. Ali is passionate about knowledge...


Arash Aazami

Entrepreneur and founder of Kamangir, system innovator and free thinker who developed the business model, the Path to Zero

travels from Netherlands

Keynote speaker Arash Aazami is a social entrepreneur and innovator whose business model for how an energy supplier can earn more money by selling less energy has won awards from MIT and will undoubtedly pave the way for the sustainable energy of...


Jim McNeill

Polar explorer and safety consultant with a background in safety, environmental science and fire service

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Jim McNeill has over 30 years of experience polar travelling and planning expeditions. He has done this mostly on skis in the middle of nowhere. Jim is a well-known explorer in his field, and he has helped multiple tv and film crews...


Chris Goodall

Energy expert, consultant and author speaking about energies of the future, sustainability and climate change

travels from UK

Our keynote speaker Chris Goodall is a successful author, consultant and speaker in the field of new energies. The independent expert has the talent to communicate complex scientific ideas in an engaging manner to his attendees. He gives specialized...


Glen Hiemstra

Recognized futurist and successful author preparing people for the changes and trends that they will see in the future

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Glen Hiemstra, a recognized futurist, discussed the inevitability and the consequences of the internet, global warming, and nanotechnology, long before anyone else knew the impact of these phenomena. He is a futurist and as such...


Tauni Lanier

Investment banker and expert on sustainable finance and financial development sharing valuable insights into finance

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Tauni Lanier is an investment banker and an expert on sustainable finance and development in the finance sector. She delivers insightful and knowledgeable presentations on finance, corporate social responsibility and climate. She has...

Global Warming
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Global warming: effects and causes of climate change

Global Warming

Global warming is an aspect of climate change causing changes in the average temperatures. Human activities are changing the natural greenhouse on earth. During the last century, the burning of fossil fuels like oil and coal has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). This is caused by the oil and coal burning process, which is combining carbon with oxygen in the air to create CO2. Lastly, the clearing of land for industry, agriculture and more human activities has increased concentrations of greenhouse gases.

Our keynote speakers address the causes of global warming, including climate change, in interesting and thought-provoking keynotes. The effects of global warming are real. The consequences of changes in the atmospheric greenhouse can be difficult to predict. However, scientists estimate that some effects seem likely to cause warmer temperatures.

On average, the earth is becoming warmer, but it may not be the same result in all regions. The warmer conditions can cause more precipitation and evaporation overall, yet individual regions will vary. Some may become dryer and others wetter. In addition, the oceans will become warmer, and the ice will melt partially, including glaciers.This will cause increasing sea levels. If it warms, ocean water will expand contributing further to sea level rise. In the meantime, crops and other plants may respond positively to increased atmospheric CO2 growing and making use of water more efficiently. Concurrent, shifting climate patterns and higher temperatures can change the areas where crops grow and affect the natural plant communities.

What exactly causes global warming is an ongoing discussion, especially to what extent human behaviour plays a role and to what extent global warming might primarily be the result of natural causes. Our talented keynote speakers on global warming take a closer look at the many facts, causes and effects being discussed relating to this topic.

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