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Dynamic climate activist offers a framework for change

Christiana Figueres

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Christiana is a transformational climate change leader who is recognized across the globe for her work spearheading international negotiations on climate change and successfully addressing climate challenges.

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By bringing together corporations, activists, governments, financial institutions and other stakeholders, Figueres has helped raise awareness about the world's collective climate future. She is credited with the global strategy shift for international climate change programs from an 'all or nothing' approach to making incremental steps toward lasting change. By 2011, Figueres work was essential to international governments adopting a global climate agreement, which set the stage for the UN's resounding success in Paris four years later. In 2015, Heads of State for 195 governments came together to adopt an ambitious and historic climate agreement.

Why you should book speaker Christiana Figueres

  • A dynamic leader and effective change-maker, Figueres lays a path forward for lasting change on global climate issues. Her interesting and informative address inspires audiences to make concrete plans for creating a more sustainable future
  • Her impactful presentation offers practical tools for implementing collaborative programs on a global, national, and local level. With key insights from the global crisis, Figueres keynote speech is a must-have performance
  • Figueres’ book, The Future We Choose, is recognized as one of the most important books on the subject of climate change in the world

Figueres has spent the better part of her life dedicated to bringing impactful change to the world’s climate challenges. Facing global crisis through climate-induced adverse weather events, food insecurity, and deaths, if the world would not change its trajectory, she focused on making a difference. Working in public service since 1982, Figueres began to focus exclusively on the climate more than a decade later. By 1995, she worked to bring undeveloped countries into the global climate change conversation, especially Latin America. Her historic work with the United Nations has served to change the climate landscape across the globe.

Since 2008, she has collaborated with private companies to help businesses plan and align climate objectives with global goals. Like a pebble in an ocean, the impact of Figueres work ripples throughout the global climate discussion. In fact, her role in overcoming challenges to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement, and her negotiation skills, make this speaker one of the most dynamic voices on the subject of climate change.

A global change maker and climate activist, Figueres sits on several boards to provide clear guidance for those businesses, which seek to minimize each company’s carbon footprint. As a keynote speaker, Figueres brings a wealth of experience and valuable knowledge about our world’s collective climate future.

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Speaker Christiana Figueres Keynote Topics

  • Climate
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming
  • Environmentalism
  • Sustainability
  • United Nations
  • Global Economy
  • The Clean Development Mechanism
  • Energy
  • Optimism
  • Inequality
  • Human rights
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