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Top United Nations Speakers

The United Nations (UN) is a globally significant organization with a unique international character. Its work spans across the globe, addressing a wide range of pressing issues.

Our esteemed United Nations keynote speakers offer captivating insights into the organization and its impactful endeavors. Their speeches shed light on the UN’s influence and provide thought-provoking perspectives, including constructive criticism.

Discover our distinguished speakers specializing in the United Nations and broaden your understanding of international affairs. These experts can motivate and inspire your team to think beyond borders and tackle global issues with confidence, making your event a catalyst for positive change.

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Discover Global Excellence: Get Your Quote Today!

Empower your audience with insights from United Nations experts. Fill out the form for a quick quote and bring the world to your event stage.

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Speakers about united nations (8)

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Dr. Ludy Green

Elevate your event with Dr. Ludy Green, a Human Rights activist honored with UN nominations.

travels from USA

Experience a life-changing event with keynote speaker Dr. Ludy Green. Empower your organization and drive impactful change as she shares proven strategies to break free from abuse patterns, achieve financial autonomy, and ignite lasting...


Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres is a transformational climate change leader who is recognized across the globe for her work spearheading international negotiations on climate change and successfully addressing climate challenges

travels from UK

By bringing together corporations, activists, governments, financial institutions and other stakeholders, Figueres has helped raise awareness about the world's collective climate future. She is credited with the global strategy shift for...


J. Paul Nadeau

Motivational speaker on business negotiations, conflict resolution and increasing employee loyalty

travels from Canada

Keynote speaker J. Paul Nadeau’s experiences as a former hostage negotiator, SVU detective and international peacekeeper have resulted in voting him as one of the most interesting people in North America. He’s worked as Oprah Winfrey’s...


Aric Dromi

Futurologist, Digital Philosopher, and Professional Troublemaker

travels from Bulgarien

Keynote speaker Aric Dromi is the founder of the Strategic think tank Tempus. Motu and the in-house futurologist of Volvo cars as well as being on the advisory board of innovative groups: NTT Innovation Institute and UNLEASH. A creative thinker,...


Frank O’Dea

Innovative entrepreneur and humanitarian motivating audiences around the world with his moving messages

travels from Canada

Our keynote speaker Frank O'Dea is an extraordinary successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Co-Founder of the popular Canadian coffee store chain The Second Cup managed to overcome incredible obstacles in business as well as in...


Bertrand Piccard

Adventurer, psychiatrist and international professional speaker committed to exploring the great adventure of life

travels from Switzerland

Keynote Speaker Bertrand Piccard an adventurer and highly sought after keynote speaker on psychology, endurance and teamwork. Born within a dynasty of explorers and scientists Bertrand Piccard aims to combine his family's scientific legacy with his...


Magnus Kalkuhl

Entrepreneur, technology researcher and founder of Ionwalk. Expert on cyber security and future technologies

travels from Germany

When it comes to cyber security and future technologies, keynote speaker Magnus Kalkuhl knows what he is talking about. As former director of Kaspersky Lab's European Research and Analysis team, and the creator of his own company, Magnus' main...


Nisha Pillai

Former BBC news presenter, journalist and moderator known for her good questions, humor and lively panel discussions

travels from UK

Journalist, moderator and keynote speaker Nisha Pillai has more than 20 years of experience as a former BBC news presenter, and today she is a well-sought motivational public speaker. Her lively panel discussions, snappy questions and humor are...

United Nations
United Nations
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The Impact of the United Nations in Your Professional Life

In our ever-connected world, the United Nations plays a pivotal role, shaping our daily lives in ways we may not always recognize. From the workplace to global events, the UN’s influence is pervasive. Let’s explore how the United Nations affects you at work and why booking a keynote speaker on this topic can be transformative.

The United Nations in Your Everyday Work Life

  • International Collaboration: The United Nations embodies international cooperation and diplomacy. Its work spans across borders, fostering relationships that promote peace, security, and human rights. In your professional life, this translates into a globalized business environment where cooperation and diplomacy are essential.
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide a framework for addressing critical global issues, such as climate change, poverty, and inequality. These goals resonate in the corporate world as businesses increasingly align their strategies with sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response: The UN’s humanitarian efforts extend to disaster relief, conflict resolution, and addressing humanitarian crises. These experiences offer valuable insights into crisis management and resilience for professionals working in risk-prone sectors.
  • Multilateral Diplomacy: United Nations negotiations set precedents for multilateral diplomacy, impacting trade agreements, international law, and global politics, all of which affect businesses and organizations engaged in global markets.

Why Book a Keynote Speaker on United Nations?

Hiring a keynote speaker who specializes in the United Nations brings immense value to your event and organization:

  • Expert Insights: Top United Nations speakers are experienced diplomats and experts in global affairs. They can provide unparalleled insights into the UN’s workings and its relevance in today’s world.
  • Motivation and Inspiration: United Nations motivational speakers can ignite passion for international cooperation and social responsibility. They inspire teams to think beyond borders and embrace the UN’s mission in their work.
  • Practical Application: These speakers bridge the gap between global policies and practical workplace strategies. They show how your organization can contribute to UN goals and benefit from its principles.
  • Global Perspective: In a world where global issues impact local businesses, a United Nations speaker imparts a global perspective that helps organizations navigate international challenges effectively.

In conclusion, the United Nations’ impact on your professional life is undeniable, from shaping corporate strategies to influencing international relations. By hiring United Nations speakers for your event, you not only inform and inspire your audience but also align your organization with global ideals and opportunities. Don’t miss the chance to engage with top United Nations speakers and empower your team to make a positive impact on the world stage. Book a United Nations keynote speaker today to elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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