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Frank O’Dea

travels from Canada

Innovative Entrepreneur & Humanitarian

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Our keynote speaker Frank O'Dea is an extraordinary successful serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. The Co-Founder of the popular Canadian coffee store chain The Second Cup managed to overcome incredible obstacles in business as well as in private life. His inspiring and moving messages touch the core motivations of his attendees and foster ambition.

In his youth, Frank O’Dea was facing hard times when living on the streets fighting and an alcohol addiction. At the age of 23, he started to take control of his own destiny and, only within a few years, became a company founder and entrepreneur. After the business successes with The Second Cup, Proshred Security and Samaritan Air Ambulance Services, Frank O’Dea also started not-for-profit organizations like Street Kids International and the Canadian Landmine Foundation.

Together with the United Nations and world figures like Colin Powell and Sir Paul McCartney he lead an international fundraising event “Night of A Thousand Dinners” that was taken up in 29 countries around the world.Today, Frank O’Dea dedicates time to a cross-national project, YP-IT, which promotes youth employment in Canada and abroad.

The author of the two books When All You Have is Hope and Do The Next Right thing: Surviving Life’s Crises is a humorous speaker and engaging presenter. He enables his audiences to profit from his experiences and to learn from his struggles. Frank O’Dea’s keynotes can be a game-changer to anyone who needs motivation to embrace change.

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    Speaker Frank O’Dea Keynote Topics

    The Power of Hope Vision Action

    Frank O’Dea impressively demonstrates the power of Hope, Vision and Action by using his own story as a real-life example. He describes his early life, panhandling on the streets for nickels and dimes. He recounts how he was able to break out of that life. Audiences learn how Frank O’Dea prevailed by relying on Hope, Vision, Action whenever he was faced with dark times, personally and in business. They will also learn how they can apply this simple formula to their own personal and business lives.


    Keynote by Speaker Frank O’Dea

    Creating a Game-Changer – Making the competition irrelevant

    This keynote is directed at CEOs and senior management of organizations in highly constrained industries where margins are under huge pressures. Creating a game-changer is all about new thinking and new applications in established industries. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, Samsung did not invent the cell phone and Second Cup did not invent coffee. What they all had in common is that they created new applications for existing products and services and completely changed the game in their industries. Frank O’Dea uses excellent examples from his own businesses and from others to show leaders how to find their own strategy.


    Keynote by Speaker Frank O’Dea

    The Spirit of the Entrepreneur

    This is a speech directed at business owners who want to learn from other peoples’ successes. In this fascinating talk, Frank O’Dea takes his audiences through the the start-up and growth of The Second Cup and his other businesses and his strategies and tactics in overcoming the challenges that face all business owners. They will come to learn how he was able to develop his businesses into national and international operations.  This is a popular speech with large sales organization that want to motivate their sales forces to think big.

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