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Olof Gränström

Political Scientist who will help you make sense of the world based on facts and not fear
Country: Sweden

Keynote speaker Olof Gränström is a political scientist and educator. Olof’s mission is to make more people learn and understand more about the world we live in. As the expert he is, he provides the audience with a global and historical perspective on key issues in one eye-opening keynote.

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Why you should book speaker Olof Gränström

  • Olof has worked closely with the authors behind the acclaimed and renowned book Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World–and Why Things Are Better Than You Think. His keynotes and insights are based on facts and not fear or biases, and he provides a legitimate starting ground for changing and making sense of the world.
  • In a world of “fake news” and decisions based on fear, Olof’s factful keynotes are refreshing and needed. As a political scientist, business economist and educator, he can help you understand the world we live in or the people you do business with.

Keynote speaker Olof Gränström has worked as project manager for the Gapminder Foundation, founded by Hans Rosling, where he gave lectures and workshops about global macro trends and “factfulness”. Studies show that we don’t actually know what we think we know about the world, and it leads us to make decisions based on preconceived ideas and ignorance.

As a speaker Olof Gränström is thought-provoking, confident and charismatic. He has always made it his goal to provide a clear and precise understanding of our ever-changing world through stories, visualizations and a interesting insights. Olof speaks on a number of different topics within the field of political science, globalisation and international relations and below are examples of some of his keynote topics.

    Keynote by speaker Olof Gränström

    What the World Actually Looks like

    • In this eye-opening keynote, Olof will help provide the audience with new fact-based knowledge about the world. Olof believes that in order to understand global development, it is important to make global statistics visible and understandable to counteract an often dramatically world-wide image that leads to emotional decisions about the world.

    Keynote by speaker Olof Gränström

    Sustainable Development

    • In order to truly understand and work on sustainable development today, you need to understand how we came to the situation we are today. Olof gives the audience a fact-based background for sustainable development, thus giving a better chance of formulating their own solutions based on facts.

    Keynote by speaker Olof Gränström

    Putting things into Perspective

    • Using an organization’s own statistics and different forms of visualization, Olof can angle his lecture depending on the organisation. The audience will understand how their own judgements and biases are affecting their business.
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