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Arash Aazami

entrepreneur, system innovator and free thinker
Country: Netherlands

Keynote speaker Arash Aazami is a social entrepreneur and innovator whose business model for how an energy supplier can earn more money by selling less energy has won awards from MIT and will undoubtedly pave the way for the sustainable energy of the future. He is working to make clean energy a human right through Universalright.org where his motto is Dream. Develop. Do.

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It’s not a job. It’s a mission. Designing new models that make the old obsolete.

Keynote speaker Arash Aazami grew up in an eclectic, multi-cultural environment with Dutch and Persian parents who moved to West-Africa as development workers. He spent his childhood in a town with only two TVs, causing him to take electricity very seriously. After a failed music career in Europe and North America, Arash chose to use the experience of losing everything to follow his dreams.

In 2006, struck by the magnitude of the energy-challenge humanity is facing, strong-willed speaker Arash Aazami took a position as director of a Dutch energy supplier. This drastic career change was caused by Arash’s desire to work with something he found meaningful. The energy supplier Arash became the director of a business that was not doing well: the sales were bad and people were not motivated. Arash didn’t know much about energy at the time but he knew about people and so he asked around and discovered that the company had lost sight of the product they were selling: energy.

This got Arash thinking about developing a radically different business model, and in 2010 he founded the world’s first supplier that earns more as it sells less energy. This quickly grew into a serious alternative to conventional energy companies and became one of The Netherlands fastest growing companies. Arash’s business model, the Path to Zero, won two categories at 2014 MIT Climate CoLab Challenge.

Arash Aazami’s work has earned him a position as faculty member at Singularity University, of Silicon Valley. He is also currently building Universalright.org, where he and his team design an “Internet of Energy” to establish a future where clean energy is a human right.


 Heartening speaker Arash Aazami is a passionate orator, whose stories inspire audiences to achieve their dreams and overcome difficult times.

    “Personal growth is nothing more than the readiness to learn from increasingly large mistakes” Arash Aazami


    Speaker Arash Aazami Keynote Topics

    • Sustainability
    • Innovation
    • Conflict and peace
    • Universal right
    • Renewable energy
    • System thinking
    • Design thinking
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