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The Greenhouse Effect Speakers

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Speakers about the greenhouse effect (7)

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Laura Tenenbaum

Laura Tenenbaum, the mind behind NASA’s educational app success. Her expertise in translating climate science to global audiences is unparalleled, secure her as your speaker to bring climate education to life.

travels from USA

Unlock the power of climate communication with Laura Tenenbaum. Harness her expertise in translating technical jargon for global audiences and experience in multimedia, journalism, and public speaking. As a workshop maestro, she collaborates with...


Michael Pawlyn

As a design expert, Pawlyn's firm Exploration Architecture focuses on developing sustainable properties. The company provides progressive solutions for low energy usage and waste reduction in building high-performance projects.

travels from UK

Michael Pawlyn is a world-renowned architect who focuses on sustainable designs. His innovative architecture is heralded for reducing energy consumption and showcasing natural elements. As one of the team members for the Eden Project in the UK, he...


Dr. Roger Harrabin

Roger Harrabin is one of the media’s most influential voices on the environment, energy and climate change. As Energy and Environment Analyst he reported for the BBC for over 30 years.

travels from UK

Roger has been a global pioneer in environment reporting. He was founder presenter of the BBC environment programme Costing the Earth and has won many awards for his work in radio and...


Niall McCann

Dr Niall McCann is a National Geographic Explorer focusing on anti-poaching and the illegal wildlife trade, with ongoing projects in Africa and Latin America.

travels from UK

Outside of work, Niall is a seasoned adventurer who has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, skied across Greenland, cycled over the Himalayas, and been on multiple rock climbing and mountaineering trips around the world....


Arash Aazami

Entrepreneur and founder of Kamangir, system innovator and free thinker who developed the business model, the Path to Zero

travels from Netherlands

Keynote speaker Arash Aazami is a social entrepreneur and innovator whose business model for how an energy supplier can earn more money by selling less energy has won awards from MIT and will undoubtedly pave the way for the sustainable energy of...


Paul Heiney

Broadcaster, author and ocean adventurer who is humorous, highly professional and a natural storyteller

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Paul Heiney is a well-known and respected British broadcaster, author and ocean...


Tauni Lanier

Investment banker and expert on sustainable finance and financial development sharing valuable insights into finance

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Tauni Lanier is an investment banker and an expert on sustainable finance and development in the finance sector. She delivers insightful and knowledgeable presentations on finance, corporate social responsibility and climate. She has...

The Greenhouse Effect
The Greenhouse Effect
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About The Greenhouse Effect

  • The greenhouse effect has been ever-present in media for years but how many of us really know what the greenhouse effect actually means?
  • The sun shines down on the surface of our Earth. The Earth absorbs the rays of lights which are turned into heat reflected back into space, kept back by so-called greenhouse gasses (and clouds). Thus the heat is reflected back on Earth which causes to increase in temperatures within our atmosphere and on Earth.
  • It is an ongoing discussion to what extent the greenhouse effect is man-made and what can be done about the problem.
  • Keynote speakers on the greenhouse effect typically look at this discussion and its many questions.
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