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Laura Tenenbaum simplifies complex climate science for audiences

Laura Tenenbaum

travels from USA

An accomplished scientist and innovator, Laura Faye Tenenbaum broadens global understanding of climate science. Her keynotes offer insight into international climate impacts, women in science, and reconnecting with the Earth.

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Showcasing humour and personality, Laura Tenenbaum uses her knowledge to help the public understand the science behind climate change. Educating the public and teachers, Tenenbaum offers strategies and tools for confronting climate challenges. A proponent of science literacy, she travels the globe to broaden awareness about the topic. Overcoming a lack of understanding about climate change, Tenenbaum breaks down the issues confronting the planet. By delving into ice mass shrinkage and sea rising topics, she helps influence public opinion about the environment. TIME Magazine published an article written by Tenenbaum about climate censorship.  

Why you should book Laura Tenenbaum for your next event

  • Audiences relate to Tenenbaum’s desire to combat environmental challenges. Travelling extensively to deliver her message, she helps the public understand climate science.
  • Her presentation provides thought-provoking information and strategies for individuals and groups to address climate challenges. Listeners receive an easy-to-understand breakdown of the science behind climate change and its impact on the environment.
  • Having been interviewed about her NASA experience by The Guardian newspaper and featured in Time Magazine, Tenenbaum is undoubtedly a recognized expert in the field of climate science.


Laura Faye Tenenbaum is a former NASA science editor who has been recognized for her accomplishments in climate science and communication. Her work developing the Global Climate Change site for NASA has been recognized for the way she simplifies complex information for consumers. Providing information about regional impacts from climate change, she’s reported on research about the Greenland coastline’s loss of ice mass, climate modelling, sea level impacts, and climate forcing.

In her keynote presentation, Tenenbaum delves into science in a personable and humorous way to help listeners understand complex topics. Her tools for raising awareness about climate challenges help to prepare students and teachers for the difficulties ahead. It is through her passion for the topic that others learn about climate science.

As an award-winner and innovative scientist, she has taught for 13 years as an adjunct professor, produced a video series about oceanography, and travelled across the globe to provide a well-rounded perspective on climate issues. Leveraging her understanding of the climate, she enhances public understanding of the issue. Accordingly, she uses her expertise to help inform the public about important matters related to the climate’s impact on the environment.

Tenenbaum holds a master’s degree in Maritime Science.


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Keynote by Laura Tenenbaum

Keynote topics

  • Running Toward the Climate Crisis with Courage
  • Women in Science: Past, Present and Future
  • Ice Mass Loss/Greenland’s Glaciers on the Edge
  • Science is Hard, Do It Anyway
  • Reconnect With Planet Earth
Watch Laura Tenenbaum in action

Game On, Climate Change. Game On. | Laura Tenenbaum | TEDxUCSD

See keynotes with Laura Tenenbaum
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Keynote topics with Laura Tenenbaum