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Glen Hiemstra

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Recognized futurist and successful author preparing people for the changes and trends that they will see in the future

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Our keynote speaker Glen Hiemstra, a recognized futurist, discussed the inevitability and the consequences of the internet, global warming, and nanotechnology, long before anyone else knew the impact of these phenomena. He is a futurist and as such he is able to prepare all types of organizations, schools, governments and groups for the changes and trends that they will see in the future. He ensures that you are prepared for change and the future.

In case you ever had any doubt that our speaker Glen Hiemstra was a talented futurist, take a look at his many impressive predictions and discoveries. Even before the Internet was a public network, Glen Hiemstra, studied how it would change human and organizational communication.

During the mid-1980`s he was describing the coming economic growth of the Pacific Rim countries. By 1987 he told audiences about global warming and climate change. He previewed nanotechnology…in 1989, and described genomic science and biotechnology even earlier. Glen was writing about the age wave and the end of classic retirement…in 1995.

By 2001 Glen described the coming energy transformation as the greatest economic opportunity of the next half-century. As early as 2006 Glen listed the reasons as to why the debt bubble would burst, as it did more than a year later. Before the Internet was popular Glen Hiemstra had the foresight to register Futurist.com and become Founder and CEO of a website that is now visited by people from 120 nations each month.

The keynote speaker Glen Hiemstra helps large and small companies, educational institutions, government agencies and communities re-think their future vision and deal with breakthrough trends like these. This is why audience members and clients testify things like, “Once you hear Glen Hiemstra speak, the future will never look the same.”

Glen is also the successful author of Turning the Future into Revenue: What Businesses and Individuals Need to Know to Shape Their Future (Wiley & Sons 2006). Previously he co-authored Strategic Leadership: Achieving Your Preferred Future and he has also served as a technical advisor for several futuristic television shows.  His new book, with Dennis Walsh, Millennial City, debuts in 2013.

Guided by visionary sernses, our speaker Glen Hiemstra has worked with many leading organizations and government agencies across a wide variety of domains. These include international clients like Sonae of Portugal, Ambrosetti of Italy, The World Future Forum-The Hague, GHD Engineering of Australia, Russian Railroad, and others like Microsoft, John Deere, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Regence, Novartis, The Home Depot, Adobe, Ernst & Young, Novo Nordisk, U.S./Mexico JWC, APAX Partners, Atlanta 2060, Procter & Gamble, ACE Hardware, IHOP, Lexis Nexus, and others.

As a recognized expert in preferred future planning, Glen is a popular keynote speaker, capable of focusing on emerging trends in a variety of fields. Glen goes beyond simple trend analysis to discuss the opportunities that we all have to shape the preferred future.

Each day visitors come to Futurist.com and Glen’s blog for provocative snapshots of emerging ideas, trends, and technologies. Glen can be followed at twitter.com/glenhiemstra.

In a first career, Glen was an award-winning educator; he has served as a Visiting Scholar at the Human Interface Technology Lab at the University of Washington, which worked on virtual and augmented reality technology.  Glen is also a founding Associate of The Futures Agency, Basel Switzerland.

The idealistic speaker Glen Hiemstra was educated at Whitworth University, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington.  He currently lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Tracie and they have three adult children.

See keynotes with Glen Hiemstra

    Keynote by Speaker Glen Hiemstra

    Beyond 2020: The Shape of Things to Come

    • In this keynote Glen offers a sweeping and entertaining overview of the key trend areas shaping the next decade and beyond: demographics, technology, the knowledge-based economy, and the next energy revolution. The predictable but often surprising nature of the future is explored. Listeners are challenged both to wake up to the future and to take the creation of a preferred future into their own hands.
    • Specific developments that are noted, depending on customization to the audience, may include the future global economy, telepresence, nanotechnology, 3D communication and entertainment, consumer and brand trends, the real situation with oil and energy, aging and youth demographic trends, confronting the great divides in society, environmental challenges and green business opportunities, humanities future in space, and biotech advances that offer the hope of longer and healthier lives. This speech inspires listeners to develop successful strategic leadership and to create the future. Full of surprises, this customizable keynote offers a balanced view of the future, and a hopeful vision for the rest of the 21st Century.


    Keynote by Speaker Glen Hiemstra

    Lessons from the Future – Navigating the 21st Century

    • This is a keynote focused on moving beyond the economic collapse of recent years. In 2006 and 2007 Glen was one of the early voices to warn of an impending economic crisis, more than a year before it happened. Now Glen encourages audiences to look forward and the possibilities are far greater than most people imagine. Glen reviews the key trends shaping the next several decades, as we continue to create a new economy that succeeds. He suggests that a new vision for a preferred future will emerge based on revised values, innovation, the network effects of advanced communication, and new technology.
    • No field of enterprise, no nation, no community is unaffected by the changes which are happening, and all can create new opportunities. By acting wisely now you can lead your enterprise to a future that is more sustainable, of higher quality, and happier than what has come before. Glen believes that we have a rare opportunity to create a world that works, but we have to get really smart and really courageous in the coming decade. The future can be a new renaissance, if we are willing to think in the future tense.


    Keynote by Speaker Glen Hiemstra

    Millennial City – how a new generation can save the future

    • This is a keynote based on the recent book by Glen Hiemstra and Dennis Walsh, about the future of cities in the 21st century and the role of the millennial generation in creating, and saving these cities and thus the planet.
    • The cities of the future will be highly sustainable and resilient, focused on attracting the creative class in order to compete on the world stage, and with affordable and sustainable habitats.  Cities offer the scale to solve global environmental and population challenges, but only if they truly adopt a 21st Century approach.


    Other popular keynotes by Speaker Glen Hiemstra

    • Turning the Future Into Revenue: What businesses and individuals need to know to shape the future.  The title of Glen’s best selling book, this program is for those looking to find new entrepreneurial opportunity.
    • Creating the Preferred Future
    • The Future of Marketing in a Data Flow Culture
    • 21st Century Healthcare
    • The Future of Transportation
Glen Hiemstra - video

Organizational Change by speaker Futurist Glen Hiemstra at Transas Global 2018

Watch speaker Glem Hiemstra in action

See keynotes with Glen Hiemstra

Interview with Glen Hiemstra

What is your most popular keynote?

The most popular is Beyond 2020: Lessons from the Future. This keynote is first a wide-ranging look at future trends across several domains – society and demographics, technology, economy, environment, and the industry I am addressing – and then an inspirational challenge to get engaged in creating or shaping the future. A core idea is that if you “listen to the future” it is trying to tell us what to get ready for, what is needed, what we need to do to shape a preferred future.

Audiences like this speech as a kick-off to a conference or event, or as closing to send people home on a high note. The most common comments are that “you really stretched out thinking,” “you really challenged us,” to “the future will never look the same after that program,” to “we could have listened to Glen all day.”

How do you usually go about making your predictions for the future?

The process is one of wide and constant reading and research, studying other forecasts, watching for events, trends and developments that seem like indicators of the future, and then engaging in pattern recognition and both rational and intuitive thinking about what it all means. The future is not as mysterious as we think, if we but pay attention.

What types of clients benefit most from your talks?

The clients who are ready to look at the future more deeply, widely and with a longer time horizon. They often say, ‘we routinely do strategic planning, but this time help us look further ahead than we usually do.” For conferences and conventions the clients who benefit are those who want a content-rich yet entertaining look at the future, and who want to be associated with knowledge leadership.

What types of issues should companies be particularly aware of over the next few years?

People (employees and customers) are becoming older, younger, and more diverse. The Millennial generation is going to create some important cultural shifts, and the age wave is here and impacting all industries. Technology acceleration will continue. While we will use technology for increased productivity and collaboration, there are weak signals that a shift back to human-to-human interaction is coming.

At the same time stunning developments are coming in nanotech, biotech and medicine, and robotics or machine intelligence. Economically the greatest challenge is re-igniting middle class wage growth, and that will require re-thinking corporate incentives and social policy.

Environmentally there is no escaping wild weather, and resilience and next era energy are the waves to watch. The shift to cities and metro areas continues, as does competition for the creative class. Building sustainable cities will capture much of our attention in coming decades. Global economic growth will continue and we will be re-defining global economic terms continuously. And watch for the next moves toward the human race moving into space.

What do audiences gain from your Beyond 2020 talk?

Deeper knowledge of future trends, surprises, an enhanced skill set or mental framework for seeing the future, and inspiration to create the future rather than just waiting for it to happen.

See keynotes with Glen Hiemstra
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