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City Development Speakers

Here you will find keynote speakers, who all are able to talk about City Development. Click on the individual keynote speakers and read more about them and their keynotes.

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Speakers about city development (8)

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Tim Moonen

Moderator and speaker on working with cities and Director of The Business of Cities, an urban intelligence firm

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Tim Moonen is an expert on the future of cities and working with cities. He has spoken in front of multiple global companies as well as universities and has moderated several panels and entire events....


Glen Gilmore

Digital transformation and marketing author and thought leader advising businesses on marketing, trends and strategy

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Glen Gilmore has been called a ‘Man of Action’ by TIME magazine, a Forbes Top 20 ‘Social Media Influencer’ and is considered a top Thought Leader in Content Marketing, IoT, AI, Augmented Reality and...

Ricky Burdett

Ricky Burdett

Professor, founding director of the LSE Cities, experienced architect and urbanist advises in the Field of Urban Studies

travels from UK

Ricky Burdett is a respected advisor, professor and speaker on topics pertaining to urban design, people, architecture and city policy. He is often contacted as an advisor on major projects, such as the Olympic delivery authority for the 2012...


Jerry Yudelson

Author and leading expert on green buildings, climate change, smart cities, sustainable development and urban resiliency

travels from USA

Keynote speaker Jerry Yudelson is a dynamic, funny, informed and motivating speaker on smart, sustainable cities, climate change and urban resiliency, green buildings and water...


Greg Lindsay

Futurist, urbanist, writer for Fast Company, and author of the bestseller Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Greg Lindsay is the author, with John D. Kasarda, of Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next, which examines how and where we choose to live in an interconnected world. He speaks and writes frequently about the intersection of...


Greg Clark

Economist, political scientist, facilitator and advocate for Cities working with leadership in public and private cities

travels from UK

Keynote speaker Greg Clark is trained as an Economist, Political Scientist, Facilitator, and Mentor. He is a thought leader and a frequently consulted expert on city development and investment...


Glen Hiemstra

Recognized futurist and successful author preparing people for the changes and trends that they will see in the future

travels from USA

Our keynote speaker Glen Hiemstra, a recognized futurist, discussed the inevitability and the consequences of the internet, global warming, and nanotechnology, long before anyone else knew the impact of these phenomena. He is a futurist and as such...


Vito Di Bari

Top futurist, business innovation trends and innovation expert with a global reputation of excellence

travels from USA

The keynote speaker Vito Di Bari maintains a global reputation of excellence as the world’s premiere futurist, business innovation strategist and inspirational keynote speaker, forecasting trends in business innovation based on new technologies...

City Development
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Taunton School

About City Development

  • Cities around the world are expanding and are in constant development. Wherever we look around in the city, there is architecture and urbanization. When developing a city many things have to be taken into consideration. The people, the culture, the infrastructure and the dynamics of the city.
  • Our keynote speakers on City Development all have an expertise in regards to subjects such as city dynamics, urban civilisation and architecture. They are able to deliver inspiring keynotes that can motivate businesses and companies on interacting people and spaces. Some of the keynote speakers have worked on large projects, where their expertise on city development was much needed.
  • Lectures on City development are suitable for both organizations with an interest in architecture and urbanization, and also for companies that wish to understand a modern perspective of city life.  The keynotes can help companies see new perspectives and possibilities, and help broaden their horizon in regards to urbanization in the city.
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