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Global Advisor, Scholar, Writer, Director & Chairman working with Businesses, Governments & Cities to help navigate this century

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Speaker Greg is a world expert on cities, urban investment, and the sustainable urban transition. Over a career of 35 years, he has advised more than 300 cities, 40 national governments, 20 multilateral institutions, and multiple global corporates, investors, and fund managers.

Why you should book speaker Greg Clark

  • Greg is a highly esteemed expert, supporting leaders and advising firms in more than 300 cities. He has moderated more than 200 conferences for clients like the OECD or UK Gov.
  • His knowledge covers many areas. He speaks about or moderates topics such as Real Estate, Investment, Cities, Technology, Infrastructure, Sustainability, Climate Change and many more.
  • He is incredibly versatile and available for all events from large conferences to ‘fireside chats’ and interviews. 

With his global presence and reach, speaker Greg Clark is the right choice for all organisations. His wide expertise covers city development, mobility, technology, digitisation and innovation, urban governance, city strategic planning, real estate and place leadership.

He is author of 10 books and 100 reports on cities, investment and place-leadership. His monthly column: The Planet of Cities, is hosted by RICS. He is Global Cities expert on the BBC World Service Series, My Perfect City.

Greg’s previous roles include Group Advisor, Future Cities & New Industries at HSBC Investment Bank, Chair of the OECD Forum of Cities & Regions, Global Fellow on Cities and Metropolitan leadership at the Brookings Institution and Global Fellow on Urban Investment at the Urban land Institute. He was Lead Advisor on Cities to the UK Gov for 6 years. He has been a senior advisor on cities and urban investment to the World Bank, Inter-American development Bank, and the European Investment Bank.

He has chaired more than 20 internal advisory boards for individual cities that are reformulating their future investment strategies, long term plans, and governance, including New York, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Johannesburg, Mumbai, Sydney, Auckland, Barcelona, Vienna, and Oslo.

He has led comparative studies on Chinese, Australian, European, North American, Latin American, Middle Eastern, South-East Asian, Caribbean, Nordic, and Indian Cities. Since 2020 he has been tracking the impact of the COVID pandemic on 100 cities globally and has developed a unique framework for assessing the post-pandemics city.

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Keynote by speaker Greg Clark

The Urban Century

The percentage of the world population living in cities is going to double by 2080: 5 billion people are moving to cities. How does this century unfold? What are the successes and the challenges? What can we learn from all of this? In the keynote The Urban Century, speaker Greg Clark brings you his great expertise to give you a full picture of our future urban societies.

  • Learn how expanding cities will keep shaping the world in the 21st century
  • Find out what the greatest urban challenges and opportunities are in the future
  • Get the most important takeaways of The Urban Century
Keynote by speaker Greg Clark

The Business of Cities

As cities develop, they are more likely to adopt business practices: specialization, competitive positioning, talent attraction, investment & asset management strategies, brands, and marketing. For this reason, in this era of urbanisation, businesses need to learn how to develop partnerships with cities to serve growing markets, access digital connections, attract talent and suppliers, generate new products and services, innovate with new populations & demographics, and share the risks of costs of hosting the world.

  • Get to know The Business of Cities
  • Learn how to develop partnerships with the cities in the future
  • Tailor your products for new populations and demographics
Keynote by speaker Greg Clark

The DnA of Cities

Every city has accumulated its genetic code over multiple cycles, drawing on climatic, physical, financial, political, historical and cultural influences. Each city is truly unique. How to de-code a city’s genetic make? What use can we make of that code? This keynote by speaker Greg Clark is packed with valuable takeaways:

  • The key influences shaping the genetic code of the city you live in
  • De-code your city’s genetic make and learn about its uniqueness
  • Learn how this code can help you and your organisation grow in the future


Keynote by speaker Greg Clark

The Decarbonisation of Cities and Zero Carbon Cities

70 per cent of all carbon is emitted in cities. So, if we can decarbonize the city, we can save the world. Rethinking urban mobility, real estate, infrastructure, and waste are key to reach our goal of zero emissions. What cities are at the forefront of carbon reduction and what are their innovations? What roles do finance, legislation, business and leadership play?

  • How to change the way you think about urban mobility, infrastructure, waste and real estate
  • Find out what roles do governments, financial institutions and businesses play in reducing emissions
  • The key decarbonisation strategies from leading Zero Carbon Cities
Keynote by speaker Greg Clark

The Future of Cities

The next 50 years are crucial to whether we will get good or bad urbanisation before the century comes to an end. But what about the individual cities, how do we know their future? Will London reinvent itself, can Shanghai emerge as the next big global city, where is Singapore going next, and what is New York’s future?

  • The significance of the next 50 years for urbanisation
  • What does the future hold for metropolises like London, Shanghai or New York
  • When and how to invest in future cities
Greg Clark - video

Keynote by speaker Greg Clark

Watch speaker Greg Clark in action!

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