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Abhijit Naskar

Neuroscience & Human Mind Speaker
Country: India

Our keynote speaker Abhijit Naskar is one of the world’s most famous neuroscientists and author of 31 books. He is an advocate for mental health and global harmony and has proved again and again how our brain can redefine our perception of life completely.

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Speaker Abhijit Naskar is a celebrated neuroscientist and his first book “The Art of Neuroscience in Everything” became an international best-seller. Abhijit believes that all societal and cultural problems refer back to our mind, and only by understanding our mind and thought-process can we solve and make sense of our global problems.

Abhijit is an experienced speaker on neuroscience and offers many different insights to the topic. He is a self-educated neuroscientist but that hasn’t stopped him from reaching the top. Speaker Abhijit Naskar has made it possible for people to meet and understand their inner self and deepest emotions. By understanding the brain and mind we open up the most complex questions about mental health, love, well-being, empathy and so much more. In a business context neuroscience is important because it allows us to understand human behaviour and actions behind colleagues, employees, clients and competitors. Abhijit is available for multiple different keynote topics that are all educating, inspiring and life-changing.

    Keynote by speaker Abhijit Naskar

    Mental Wellness

    • Understand your inner processes
    • Become aware of your own own emotions, thoughts and behaviors
    • Live a better life!

    Keynote by speaker Abhijit Naskar

    Technology and Health

    • Understand how technology affects our well-being
    • How can we use technology in a healthy and appropriate way?
    • Is technology really that bad?

    Keynote by speaker Abhijit Naskar

    21st Century Parenting with Neuroscience

    • Parenting and neuroscience
    • Understand your children’s brains through neuroscience
    • Raise healthy happy children and whole human beings

    Keynote by speaker Abhijit Naskar

    21st Century Leadership with Neuroscience

    • How to become a better leader through neuroscience
    • What makes a good leader?
    • Understand the most effective behavioral expressions that make the best leader

    Keynote by speaker Abhijit Naskar

    Consumer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing

    • Understand your customer through neuroscience
    • What influences their mind and what mental processes come into play?
    • Improve customer service and gain loyal customers
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