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Reshaping Industries Sustainably

Maayke-Aimée Damen

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Book Maayke-Aimée Damen, MSc., a trailblazer in circular economy. Director at WBCSD, she guides businesses toward sustainability.

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Unlock the future of sustainable success with Maayke-Aimée Damen, a dynamic force in circular economy. As WBCSD's Director Circular Economy, her expertise, recognized by MIT and the EU, reshapes industries. An award-winning innovator, Maayke crafted the Resources Passport, now a Dutch and European policy, revolutionizing material economies. Elevate your event with a speaker endorsed by the United Nations, Young Club of Rome, and more. Experience authoritative insights and enthusiasm on circular economy transformation. 

Why you should book Maayke-Aimée Damen for your next event

  • Transform your event with Maayke-Aimée. She’ll share circular economy insights for sustainable success, endorsed by MIT and the EU.
  • Maayke-Aimée is an experienced keynote speaker who talks with passion and authority on global issues, including sustainability and waste reduction. Add to that her sharp intellect, and you have a real force to be reckoned with in the keynote industry.
  • Elevate your audience’s understanding of sustainability, Maayke-Aimée delivers actionable insights and tools for impactful change.

Embark on a transformative journey with Maayke-Aimée Damen, a beacon of sustainability in the corporate landscape. Imagine your organization as a dynamic ecosystem, striving for efficiency and innovation. Now, picture Maayke-Aimée, the motivational powerhouse, as the catalyst for change, ready to energize your team at your next event.

When you book Maayke-Aimée for your keynote, you’re investing in more than just a speaker – you’re securing a guide to navigate the intricate landscape of the circular economy. As the Director Circular Economy at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Maayke-Aimée’s expertise extends far beyond theory; it’s grounded in practical, actionable insights that can revolutionize your organization’s approach to sustainability.

Imagine your team engaged, inspired, and armed with strategic tools to turn waste into opportunity. Maayke-Aimée, founder of the Excess Materials Exchange (EME), has crafted a legacy of sustainable impact. Booking her for your event means unlocking the secrets to transforming excess materials into valuable assets, creating a circular economy within your organization.

Maayke-Aimée’s credentials speak volumes – from MIT Innovator under 35 to EU Impulse Giver 2022, her accolades reflect a commitment to excellence. Her influence extends to advisory roles with global entities like the United Nations and the Young Club of Rome. When you book Maayke-Aimée, you’re not just tapping into a wealth of knowledge; you’re partnering with a visionary leader who has already shaped policies and practices on a global scale.

Make your event memorable and impactful by booking Maayke-Aimée Damen. Her motivational prowess, combined with a practical understanding of circular economy principles, ensures your team leaves with more than inspiration – they leave armed with the tools to implement sustainable change.

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Keynote by Maayke-Aimée Damen


Are sustainability challenges hindering your organization’s growth?

Imagine turning those challenges into opportunities. Maayke-Aimée Damen, a trailblazing keynote speaker, provides transformative insights into circular economy practices. With a proven track record as the Director of Circular Economy at WBCSD, she addresses your pain points head-on.

Maayke-Aimée’s keynotes offer strategic tools and actionable solutions, guiding your team to navigate the complexities of sustainable practices. She doesn’t just talk sustainability; she empowers your organization to implement tangible changes. Elevate your understanding, inspire your team, and achieve sustainable success with Maayke-Aimée Damen’s impactful keynotes.

Key takeaways:

  • Address global sustainability challenges head-on.
  • Transform sustainability issues into strategic advantages.
  • Navigate complexities with actionable insights.
  • Propel your organization toward sustainable success.
Keynote by Maayke-Aimée Damen

Circular Economy

Struggling with the linear model’s limitations? Wondering how to make your business truly sustainable?

Maayke-Aimée Damen, a pioneering force in circular economy, holds the key. In her transformative keynotes, she unravels the complexities, providing actionable insights to turn waste into opportunity. Maayke-Aimée’s expertise isn’t just theoretical; it’s a roadmap for your organization.

Her keynotes deliver strategic tools, empowering your team to embrace circular practices and redefine success. Elevate your business from the linear trap to circular triumph. Book Maayke-Aimée now for a sustainable future where every resource holds value and every process contributes to a thriving circular economy.

Key takeaways:

  • Gain actionable insights to implement circular economy practices.
  • Empower your team with strategic tools for circular success.
  • Redefine success by embracing a thriving circular economy.
Keynote by Maayke-Aimée Damen

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Feeling the pressure to innovate but unsure how to foster entrepreneurship within your organization?

Maayke-Aimée is an expert in driving innovation, holds the key to overcoming this challenge. With her dynamic keynotes, she provides actionable insights and strategies to ignite entrepreneurial spirit. As a Director of Circular Economy at WBCSD and founder of Excess Materials Exchange, she blends expertise and hands-on experience.

Her keynotes empower your team to embrace innovation, turning ideas into impactful ventures. Elevate your organization’s entrepreneurial spirit and navigate the complexities of innovation with Maayke-Aimée Damen.

Key takeaways:

  • Ignite entrepreneurial spirit within your organization.
  • Receive actionable insights and strategies for innovation.
  • Blend expertise with hands-on experience for impactful results.
  • Foster a culture where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive.
Keynote by Maayke-Aimée Damen


Ever wonder how your organization can truly make a difference in recycling?

As a pioneer in circular economy, Maayke-Aimée offers compelling keynotes to address this challenge. She brings practical solutions to amplify recycling efforts. Maayke-Aimée’s transformative insights guide your team in adopting sustainable practices, reducing waste, and maximizing recycling impact.

With her engaging keynotes, turn recycling from a struggle into a strategic advantage. Elevate your organization’s commitment to sustainability, empower your team with practical solutions, and book Maayke-Aimée to lead the way in recycling innovation.

Key takeaways:

  • Transform recycling challenges into strategic advantages.
  • Maximize recycling impact through practical solutions.
  • Elevate your organization’s commitment to sustainability.
  • Empower your team with innovative recycling strategies.
Watch Maayke-Aimée Damen in action

Sustainability through a circular economy | Maayke Damen | TEDxYouth@Maastricht

See keynotes with Maayke-Aimée Damen
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