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How to find Gold in going Green

Andrew Winston

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A recognized expert on how businesses can find the Gold in going Green by tackling humanity’s biggest challenges

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Andrew Winston is a globally-recognized expert on megatrends and how to build companies that thrive by serving people and planet. He is one of the most widely read writers on sustainable business in the world. Andrew’s latest book, Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More than They Take, is one of Financial Times’ Best Business Books of the Year.

Why you should book speaker Andrew Winston

  • Andrew knows what he is talking about! He has previously worked with advising several companies in corporate strategy and understands the world of business. This combined with his impressive academic background from Princeton, Yale and Columbia creates one informed and insightful speaker who will undoubtedly teach you a thing or two.
  • As a professional speaker, Andrew engages with the audience and keeps the facts fun! He has no boring powerpoints but uses visual images and lots of energy to catch the attention of his audience.

Andrew’s first book, Green to Gold, has reached more than 100,000 people in seven languages. Inc. Magazine included Green to Gold on its all-time list of 30 books that every manager should own. And his book, The Big Pivot, was selected as one of the “Best Business Books” by Strategy+Business magazine. Andrew is also the author of the Harvard Business Review (HBR) Magazine cover story, “The Net Positive Manifesto” and the HBR “Big Idea” cover story, “Leading a New Era of Climate Action.” His views on strategy have been sought after by many of the world’s leading companies.

Andrew was selected for Thinkers50 list of the top management thinkers in the world. He has appeared in major media such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal, Time, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC.

Andrew is a highly respected and dynamic speaker, reaching audiences of thousands with an entertaining message of practical optimism: the world’s challenges are great, but business has the tools, resources, and creativity to build a thriving world. He has spoken on 5 continents, bringing his inspiration to leadership meetings of the top executives of multinationals, to large industry conferences, and to high-profile events like the World Innovation Forum and TED.

Andrew’s work is based on significant business experience and education. His early career included advising companies on corporate strategy while at Boston Consulting Group and management positions in strategy and marketing at Time Warner and MTV.

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Keynote by speaker Andrew Winston

Profit, Innovation, and the Drive to Net Positive

How courageous companies thrive by solving the world’s problems

Our economy and society are healing from the pandemic, but extreme challenges remain, such as climate change and inequality. Business has the vast opportunity – along with the tools and skills – to profit from solving the world’s problems, not creating them. Based on his new book Net Positive – co-authored with legendary CEO Paul Polman – this inspiring talk from renowned strategist Andrew Winston will help you navigate the seismic changes sweeping through business. Net Positive explodes 50 years of corporate dogma about the purpose of business and how it thrives. With bold vision and compelling stories, Winston sets out the principles and practices that will deliver the scale of change and transformation the world desperately needs.

His talk will explore surprising data about our world and look at stories of leading companies such as:

  • Microsoft and Google pushing the boundaries on moving to clean energy;
  • Salesforce and Tesco raising the level of expectations on suppliers;
  • The consumer goods industry experimenting with new models for delivering products;
  • Unilever working with peers, NGOs, communities, and governments to improve health and hygiene globally and reduce deforestation; and more.
Keynote by speaker Andrew Winston

The Big Pivot: Innovation and Value Creation in a Hotter, Scarcer, More Open World

  • In this unique and entertaining talk, Andrew lays out the critical mega-trends that are quickly redefining “business as usual” such as global demographic changes, intense resource constraints, a changing climate and new expectations from Millennials and Gen Z about how a business should operate.
  • The audience will experience many “a-ha” and “wow” moments backed by surprising data about our world as Andrew describes the simple but profound mindset shift – the Big Pivot – that companies must make to go beyond merely coping and actually navigate and solve the world’s toughest challenges.
Keynote by speaker Andrew Winston

Climate Change and Business: What we know, the risks, the opportunities, and what the world is doing

  • In this entertaining and enlightening keynote, without too much jargon, offers an overview of the phenomenon of climate change. The audience will discover the basic science and why the consensus on human-driven climate change is so strong. Andrew shares his insights of the business case for action, and how big companies are managing climate risk and opportunity for profit.
Keynote by speaker Andrew Winston

Energy Strategy for the C-Suite

  • This keynote provides an overview of the world’s largest industry and how business leaders can shift their thinking from energy as a cost center to a strategic asset. The audience will learn how different regions of the world use energy as well as the fundamental tensions between energy use and climate change.
Keynote by speaker Andrew Winston

Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage

  • In this keynote, Andrew explores the environmental pressures and powerful stakeholders that drive companies to go green. He demonstrates how leading companies create business value in 4 fundamental ways: Lowering costs, reducing risk, increasing revenues and enhancing brand value (such as employee and customer loyalty).
Watch Andrew's TED Talk

Andrew Winston: The Big Pivot

Meet Andrew Winston!

Meet Net Positive Co-author Andrew Winston

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Your talk was so energizing… you did a wonderful job balancing tangible facts, with action to be taken….with great humor along the way. Thanks again for such an inspiring message.

Todd Spaletto, President

The North Face

Andrew’s powerful and insightful presentation was the perfect start to my global leadership team meeting…connecting our company’s commitment to sustainability to the bigger picture, and inspiring us all to advance on our journey.

Kirsten Lund-Jurgensen

Pfizer Inc.

There are speakers who are charismatic and inspiring. There are speakers with rich, compelling content grounded in solid research. Andrew Winston is one of the rare speakers who provides equal measures of both.

Greg Fuson

California Building Industry Association

Andrew has a preternatural ability to perform, please, and above all leave everyone cheering. His insight into the industry is incomparable…

Jigar Shah

Generate Capital

Andrew continues to play a key role in helping organizations reorder their priorities and take on new and important challenges…Where market incentives and governance do not seem fully up to the task, Andrew Winston has stepped into this void with new ideas that are certain to play a role of increasing importance in the decades ahead.

Harold Shapiro

President Emeritus, Princeton University

Andrew has been an essential advisor to me personally and to Unilever as we position the company for future growth. His network and extensive knowledge of sustainability and global mega-trends has helped us develop smart strategies and aggressive goals – Andrew played a pivotal role in setting our target to use 100% renewable energy by 2020.

Kees Kruythoff, Former CEO

Unilever North America
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