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Jae Mather

Sustainability Consultant and Expert
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Jae Mather is a results-oriented executive specializing in future global business issues and sustainability, project management and consultancy. He has extensive experience in the UK and overseas in both the public and private sector. As a keynote speaker he delivers informative speeches with clarity and humor. His talks are full of solutions and inspire attendees to take action in creating a more sustainable future.

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As a Non Executive Director at Newform Energy, Jae Mather is part of a multi award winning R&D focused renewable energy provider. He is also the director of sustainability for HW fisher & Company who are a top 25 UK accountancy firm. In addition he is the Co-Founder & Director of Sustainability at the Carbon Free Group.

The Group helps public and private clients to reduce energy costs, help businesses become more sustainable, make zero-carbon living and working an affordable reality and bring the best clean technologies to the market.

Jae has worked in the environmental and sustainability sectors for over 14 years in numerous countries across the globe. He has a BA in Geography and a postgraduate in Environmental Decision Making. He is a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and a Full Member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (MIEMA). Jae has extensive project, service management and consultancy experience gained in the UK and abroad. He worked for Maidstone Borough Council developing an award winning eco-cleaning sustainable procurement policy for them that was used as an example of best practice within the European Commission.

Regularly Jae also presents at a wide variety of events and has run his own “Sustainability Explored Event Series” for over 6 years. The event series has successfully delivered 77 events mainly across the UK, but also in Ireland and the USA. Over 3500 individuals have attended the events from over 2000 organisations.

Furthermore Jae teaches the “Sustainable Procurement Explored” module on the University of Birmingham’s MBA program and is a guest lecturer on the University of Cambridge postgraduate in sustainable leadership program.

During keynote speeches Jae takes his audiences on a journey where they get a wide range of perspectives on business, government, society and the importance of sustainability.

    Speaker Jae Mather Keynote Topics

    • Sustainability
    • Sustainable business with specific reference to the global macro trends
    • Clean Tech/Environmental technology/Renewable Energy
    • Carbon reduction
    • Energy and carbon auditing
    • Sustainable procurement
    • Performing for sustainability: Influencing employee behaviour to achieve sustainability
    • Climate change
    • Sustainable community development
    • Sustainable construction
    • Self-build housing
    • Leadership and sustainability
    • Environmental philosophy and decision making frameworks
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