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Leo Johnson

Sustainability Expert
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Leo Johnson is a Sustainability expert. He is the Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance, and advisor to over fifty global banks and businesses. He helps pinpoint trends, and presents the risks and opportunities for business and finance.

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Leo Johnson, brother of London Mayor Boris Johnson, helps make sense of sustainability. He is the Co-Founder of Sustainable Finance, advisor to over 50 global banks and businesses – and now part of PWC.  In his presentations he pinpoints trends – from climate change to increased regulation and threats to corporate reputation. He additionally presents both the risks and the opportunities for business and finance. One of his most popular topics is ‘future-proofing’, bringing it into sharp focus.

He addresses the questions no company can afford to ignore. What is sustainability? Is it just hype or does it seriously affect your business? What’s going on when activists collect in the lobbies of Merrill Lynch, and consumers re-think their own preferences? Leo helps win management buy-in to push through the changes necessary to pursue the next major source of economic growth.

Aside from keynote and after dinner speeches, Leo has moderated international conferences with the likes of Kofi Annan, hosted the FT Sustainable Banking Awards and helped launch the Carbon Disclosure Project in Geneva. He is a regular commentator on CNBC and frequently writes for the Wall Street Journal, FT and Spectator. He has also written the book Beyond Risk and won the IFC Corporate Award for his work with the financial sector. Leo also lectures at academic institutions such as at LSE and the Cambridge Programme for Industry.

    Speaker Leo Johnson Keynote Topics

    • How to ‘Future-Proof’ your Business
    • Making Sense of Sustainability
    • Avoiding Brand Suicide
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