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Jonathan MacDonald

Transformation Strategist & Change Expert
Country: UK

Jonathan MacDonald is a sought-after keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author on change. He occupies himself with expanding people’s thinking around the potential of technology, the shaping of society and the realities of business, all of which are constantly influenced by fast-paced, relentless change. Our speaker Jonathan MacDonald has worked with many of the world’s largest organizations and companies to create effective results and renew their thinking and strategy.

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The keynote speaker Jonathan MacDonald enables people and organisations to modify their approach from one-off change management to the management of perpetual change, thanks to his deep knowledge of future trends, the world of business and human behaviour. He also draws upon his extreme depth of thinking to answer the most complex questions from the stage, adding immense consultative value that translates into tangible, bottom-line business benefit. For more than two decades, Jonathan has created and advised businesses like the Ministry of Sound’s digital strategy, launching a Sky TV channel and becoming the youngest ever Chairman of the British Music Industries Association.

Jonathan’s opinion is highly valued and he is regularly consulted by the senior executives of the most successful global companies including Google, Apple, P&G, Unilever, Nestlé, Lego, Heineken and IKEA to stretch their thinking and provide new perspectives and avenues of thought, and is a contributor to Google’s Think Insights and Forbes.

Guided by his professional experience, our speaker Jonathan MacDonald exploits the interconnectedness of the modern, digitally enhanced world and shows clients how to maximise the opportunities that new technology brings. He can help to discover and manage changing consumer expectations and the democratisation of the business value chain.

Jonathan MacDonald is an uniquely talented presenter who has the ability to make organisations future proof. He is the only speaker expert in this arena who will ensure that audiences leave with a clear roadmap of the actionable steps to take to achieve success and competitive advantage.

Charismatic, personable and highly impactful, our top-notch speaker Jonathan MacDonald is consistently leaving a lasting impression on every audience who hears him. He opens up the minds and the thinking of a diverse range of people; facilitating strategic discussion and dialogue with the most senior level executives, or inspiring an entire workforce to embrace new opportunities for a brighter future.

His recently published books, ‘Business Poison’ and ’28 Thoughts on Digital Revolution’, gave him the opportunity to share some of his thoughs with even broader audiences. As the founder of the Thought Expansion Network (TEN), which facilitates positive change through empowering powerful missions across all industry verticals, our speaker Jonathan MacDonald feels obliged to constantly update his talks and makes sure that all of his speeches inherit the newest future trend insights and case studies.

    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan MacDonald 

    Driving Trends

    • Consumerisation of Technology: The increasing affordability, capability and accessibility of technology
    • Globalisation of Business World: The breaking down of commercial barriers between territories and what that means to business
    • Virtualisation of Physical Entities: The virtual and augmented realities that have changed the nature of paroducts, services, currencies and sentiment
    • Socialisation of Industry: The democratization of businesses and brands now operating in an environment with an empowered general public


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan MacDonald 


    • Agility: How an organization can be efficiently run and enabled as a real–time operation that can rapidly sense & Respond
    • Innovation: How an organization is best able to innovate and commercially grow in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable environment
    • Relevance: How an organization is best grown in a resonant way with potential and existing customers & Consumers
    • Monetisation: How to make money in a business world effected by economic downturns, changing consumer expectations, and increased competition


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan MacDonald 

    Brand Building

    • Brand Democratisation: The change from corporate control of brand perception to shared control with the public who collectively shape brand perception
    • Changing Consumer Habits: Modern day consumer expectations, attitudes and behaviours, and what they mean to an organisation
    • Collaboration & Co-Creation: The advantages and challenges with collaborating and co–creating with people external to an organization
    • Social Acceptability: The ability to market in a transparent and authentic way, balancing requirement of monetization with decency and honesty


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan MacDonald 

    Advertising & Marketing

    • Media Landscape & Revenue Models: How the industry operates, where the revenue models are presently and how this is changing moving forward
    • Engagement Theory: Ways of engaging people in campaigns and initiatives, respectful of the changes in consumer habits and technological developments
    • Social Media: The realities, opportunities and challenges with social media and the future landscape of social interactions
    • Mobile & Tablets: The developments, possibilities and priorities when considering mobility enabled devices for usage in advertising and marketing


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan MacDonald 

    Emerging Technologies

    • Artificial Intelligence: Developments and potential outcomes in the race to end the human era as characterized by the singularity and other players
    • Nanotechnology: From mosquito spy drones to blood cell sized micro robots and what all this means for our future
    • 3D Printing: The emerging disruptive force enabling people to become micro–‐ factories, disintermediating value chains
    • Internet of Things: Ultraconnected smart objects and their effect on modern life and productivity in business


    Keynote by Speaker Jonathan MacDonald 

    Future Society

    • Privacy as a Currency: The emergence of personal information being used as a currency for trading with businesses and each other
    • Advocurrency: The usage of advocacy as a currency, literally capitalizing on the power of personal recommendation
    • Citizen Empowerment: The potential of people to utilize shared belief and modern technology to shape future cultures through revolutions
    • DeNoise: The antidote to modern life that is increasingly full of information, making it hard to find what matters most
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