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Christina “CK” Kerley

travels from USA

Professor and innovation specialist illustrating how historic levels of innovation are reshaping today’s businesses

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Our keynote speaker Christina "CK" Kerley has been a forerunner in tech revolutions for 20 years. The innovation speaker and specialist leads Fortune 500 executives through the jungle of emerging technologies that are transforming our world today and those igniting remarkable change in the next five years. The charismatic keynote speaker Christina Kerley illuminates how historic levels of innovation are reshaping today’s customers, products and business models.

Powerhouse keynoter, futurist, and professor Christina “CK” Kerley pushes Fortune 500s ahead of the curve through the 10+ tech that will dominate the next 10 years. A triple-threat of next-level content, “edu-taining” performances, and razor-sharp insights, CK electrifies audiences around the big changes—and bold moves— necessary to future-proof their businesses.

An in-demand speaker, she has wowed crowds at Verizon, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Amazon, TEDx, The United Nations, E*TRADE, Bissell, Best Buy, Cisco, and more. A top-rated faculty member at Rutgers Business School for Exec. Ed, CK tackles the tough topics: from Tech Megatrends, IoT, AI, and Robotics, to Next-Gen Marketing, High-Tech Health, Automation, and The Reskilling Revolution. Additionally, she has lectured at Stanford, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, St. Peter’s, and USF. Deeply connecting across myriad generations from Boomers to Zoomers CK works with business leaders in IT, marketing, sales, HR, innovation, R&D, supply chain, and leadership. A passionate advocate for closing the opportunity divide, through her pro bono program—aptly named impaCKt! She works to give a leading edge to underserved groups.

Constantly reinventing her business and herself CK is always on-trend, ahead of the curve, and in pursuit of the next BIG thing. Based in NYC, she works domestically and internationally. Get Inspired. Get Ahead. Get CK!

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    Keynote by Speaker Christina “CK” Kerley 

    The marketing mega-trends: The next big thing(s) in next-gen tech

    • Experience is the new engagement. Context is the new content. Bots are the new killer apps… and the physical world is the new digital channel. While Augmented Reality (AR) is creating a new layer of digital media out of thin air, Virtual Reality (VR) is converting stale-and-tired 2D ads into immersive 3D simulations that customers fully experience, and feel. Whereas Mobile turns every moment, proximity, and place into high-value, highly relevant touch points, The Internet of Things (IoT) transforms our once-lifeless products into lively new marketing outlets that (literally!) sell themselves.
    • And The Next-Gen Web breaks out of the box —and outside the screen—into an exciting new ecosystem of devices, displays, interfaces, and platforms. Predictive tech transitions us from serving customers in real time to anticipating their needs ahead of time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) moves us from apps that enable us to do more with our devices…to algorithms that empower our devices to do more for us.
    • Most striking, the unprecedented, unstoppable force that is Big Data is catapulting us from marketing’s dark ages to an enlightened era of precision, customization, and innovation. CK knows the next BIG thing(s) in next-gen tech—let her ensure your team knows, too.

    Keynote by Speaker Christina “CK” Kerley 

    The state of innovation

    • Change has never before happened so fast. But the real story is that it will never be this slow again. In just a handful of business quarters, the near future has shifted from smartphones to smart things, from apps to algorithms… and from billions of devices to the next trillion-dollar industry that is (BIG!) data.
    • Robots won’t take the jobs we love (but will take away the tasks that we hate!). Rather than slaves to the smart machines, AIs will free-up our time by making our machines far smarter. Moreover, next-gen tech will simultaneously fulfill the most trivial of needs and the most profound: for the same drone technology that will deliver piping-hot pizza to you in 30 minutes, will also send life-saving medical supplies… 10 minutes sooner than ambulances can arrive. While robots will entertain our youth segments, they’ll also help us better care for our elderly populations. And whereas Virtual Reality will immerse us in 3D worlds; it will also enable first-rate medical care to the third world.

    Keynotes by Speaker Christina “CK” Kerley 

    The 10+ Next-Gen Technologies

    • Mobile, Wearables, The Internet of Things, Big Data
    • High-Tech Health, Marketing Mega Trends
    • Robotics, Virtual Reality, Holography, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality
Christina “CK” Kerley - video

How The Robots Ignite A Human Revolution by Christina “CK” Kerley at TEDxBend

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See keynotes with Christina “CK” Kerley
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