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Kate Ancketill

Futurist and Trend Spotter
Country: UK

Keynote speaker Kate Ancketill is the CEO of GDR Creative Intelligence, a global consultancy specialised on strategic inspiration for world leading companies. Her keynotes are vivid innovation drivers and provide expertise on development in the technological, human, digital and physical innovations that will change the face of retail, hospitality, finance and industry over the next two to five years.

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Kate Ancketill is a highly sought after keynote speaker and consultant. Working with some of the world’s most known global brands, Kate Ancketill is continuously updating her multi-media presentations with carefully curated case studies conducted by the GDR research team or external experts. Kate Ancketill illustrates how new technologies and consumer behaviours will impact physical and digital commerce.

An eye-opening and inspirational keynote speaker, Kate Ancketill engages to the fullest with her audience. Her talks consist of factual content, good examples and her fervent presentation skills, which lead the audience to strive for innovation.

In Kate Ancketill’s opinion “Meaningful innovation often starts with inspiration from unexpected places,”. Her audiences take away concrete action points for future-proofing their business, a broad perspective on priorities for investment and a mind fizzing with cutting-edge, stimulating and challenging concepts and possibilities.

    Speaker Kate Ancketill Keynote Topics

    • Innovation and emerging trends for the next two to five years
    • Knowledge transfer between industries e.g., retail/leisure/hospitality
    • Consumer behaviour
    • Technological, human and spatial innovation
    • Physical and digital commerce
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