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Tom Goodwin

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Elevate your organization's future with Tom Goodwin, a global influencer, and innovation expert.

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Unlock your organization's full potential with Tom Goodwin, a globally recognized keynote speaker. Tom's visionary insights and actionable strategies will propel your business into the future. With a proven track record in driving digital transformation and innovation, he offers a unique blend of expertise and inspiration. Don't miss the opportunity to have Tom Goodwin as your keynote speaker—book him today and stay ahead of the competition!

Why you should book Tom Goodwin for your next event

  • Actionable Insights: Tom Goodwin delivers practical insights that can be immediately applied to drive business growth and innovation.
  • Innovation Catalyst: Tom Goodwin’s guidance sparks transformation, propelling organizations into the digital age with cutting-edge strategies.
  • Renowned Author: Tom Goodwin, author of “Digital Darwinism,” offers his invaluable insights to shape your organization’s future.

Tom Goodwin is a seasoned expert in transforming businesses and driving innovation. With 20 years of experience in various fields, he’s a go-to figure for guiding both large corporations and startups.

Tom believes in “nowism,” a practical approach to making the most of the technology we already have. He’s known for his book, “Digital Darwinism,” and his influential presence on LinkedIn, where he’s the #1 Voice in Marketing.

He hosts “The Edge,” a popular show on Euronews that explores the future of business and culture through technology. This has earned him a wide-reaching audience.

Tom has spoken at numerous events worldwide and written extensively for prestigious publications. His speeches and advice offer actionable insights and tools for navigating the challenges of today’s business world.

When you choose Tom as your keynote speaker, you’re not just getting information; you’re getting inspiration to lead your organization towards a successful future. Tom Goodwin is the guide you need to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing business landscape.

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Keynote by speaker Tom Goodwin


A provocative presentation that outlines and simplifies key themes and trends of vital significance to leaders across sectors.

We are in a time of seemingly constant change, uncertainty, volatility, and confusion, not least because every technological trend out there is labeled the next big thing. In this 50-minute custom session, Goodwin presents insights and offers clarity on the new realities of business, contextualized by the macroeconomic climate, new consumer behaviors, and new technology trends.

This presentation and Q&A session can cover elements such as blockchain, quantum computing, A.I., the implications of 5G, cryptocurrency, voice interfaces, advanced robotics,  and drones. It also considers the growth of marketplaces, the rise of eCommerce, open ecosystems, changing regulations, and more.

Keynote by speaker Tom Goodwin


What would your company look like if you started it today? If you could begin with a blank slate, how would you design your business? What would its vision be, and how would it be structured? What talent would you employ, where would they be located, and what would your training and culture look like? Which technologies would be best suited for your needs today? What would your data strategy be, and which products, services, or experiences would that strategy inform? Most importantly, how do you reach the place you are envisioning?

In his ongoing research on the world’s most innovative companies, Tom has organized these decisions into strategic priorities.

This is a clear and concise presentation looking at the ways in which businesses can put new technology at the heart of their business and unleash the power of the new for an era with radically different customer expectations. Learnings include human-centered design, service expertise, and mobile-first thinking. It covers what we can learn from companies that are driving change in the world, with specifics we can apply, as they relate to culture, processes, structure, and thinking, to help businesses adapt and thrive.

Keynote by speaker Tom Goodwin


This presentation provides a comprehensive look at the altered retail environment of the post-pandemic world.

It focuses on new consumer behaviors and new business models that are here today and highlights key trends for the medium-term future. This is an entertaining and inspiring deep dive into what matters most in the world of retail.

Themes explored can include disintermediation, shoppable media, personalization, influencer commerce, the implications of voice interfaces and automation, and more, depending on specific needs. This presentation can also outline demonstrative ideas and suggested areas of exploration for future growth.

Keynote by speaker Tom Goodwin


Technology has profound implications for many markets; it changes the paradigms upon which financial products, experiences, and regulations have been based, alters our perception of competitive threats, and it transforms our understanding of consumer behaviors. It also opens up radically new possibilities for the years ahead and a range of opportunities to tap into now.

From insurance to lending to digital wallets and beyond, players across all aspects of finance are set to be transformed by a new technology, an altered regulation, and a range of new consumer behaviors.

Goodwin covers how trends such as API-based thinking, blockchain, emerging tech, and the no-code movement are shaping your future, what your strengths are in the current landscape, and what can be done to increase your impact immediately.

Keynote by speaker Tom Goodwin


What has propelled you and your company to succeed so far may not be what’s needed to thrive in the future. In a world of thrusting startups and the loss of the incumbents’ advantages, what’s needed is a new mindset for growth and change.

Yet equally, the values your company was built upon, the qualities it embodies, and the strengths your people channel on a daily basis, can be precisely what needs to be reinforced in order to stand out and make an impact.

Building your culture—and meaningfully aligning it internally and externally—is the most important way to create a platform for the future, and this presentation explains how.

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