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Vito Di Bari

Futurist and Innovation Expert
Country: USA

The leading authority on innovative design, Vito Di Bari is an acclaimed futurist who is changing the world through his cutting edge designs and solutions in areas including future technology, communications, business, architecture, robotics and engineering.


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Acclaimed Futurist and Accredited Author

Vito Di Bari is an acclaimed futurist, author, and an authority on innovation. He is “the new European guru of innovation,” according to The Financial Times.

Di Bari was chosen to be the Innovation Designer for the upcoming 2015 Universal EXPO to be held in Milan, in which he will feature his designs for a city of the near future in which digital and physical architecture are intertwined, and everyday life is transformed by his innovative solutions for the future.

He is currently a columnist for an Italian newspaper and magazine, has worked as a TV anchorman for two Italian programs and speaks at 30 worldwide events annually. He is also a professor of Design and Management of Innovation at Bocconi University in Milan. He is accredited worldwide for his numerous innovative theories and multitude of published works. Di Bari has written ten books in the field of innovation.

Di Bari is also the Scientific Director of LabNext, an international research laboratory, named “Milan’s think tank” by Wired Magazine. By exploring the future of technology applied to everyday life, Di Bari shows you how our lives will change and why. In using recent discoveries in media, nanotech, and robotics, he explains how corporations and individuals will change their behaviors in order to succeed in the future business world.


    • Future of Healthcare
    • Future of Hospitality
    • Cities of the Future
    • Big Bang of Data
    • Future Trends
    • Innovation
    • Design
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