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Future-Proof Your Workforce: Insights from Global Thought Leader Ravin Jesuthasan

Ravin Jesuthasan

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Maximize human capital in the digital age with renowned futurist Ravin Jesuthasan. Drive innovation and adaptability in your organization.

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Searching for an extraordinary keynote speaker who can take your event to the next level? Look no further than Ravin Jesuthasan! As a highly acclaimed motivational speaker and global thought leader, Ravin captivates audiences with his inspiring talks. With his unparalleled expertise in the future of work and human capital, he imparts invaluable insights that drive success. Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your event by booking Ravin Jesuthasan. Engage your audience with his thought-provoking ideas and unlock the keys to thriving in today's ever-evolving business landscape.

Why you should book Ravin Jesuthasan for your next event

  • Gain Strategic Insights: Unlock the future of work with Ravin Jesuthasan as your keynote speaker. Benefit from his expertise and gain strategic insights to stay ahead in the rapidly changing business landscape.
  • Future-Proof Your Business: Stay ahead of the curve and future-proof your organization by booking Ravin Jesuthasan as your keynote speaker. Gain a competitive advantage by understanding the emerging trends, technologies, and talent strategies shaping the future of work.
  • Global Thought Leader: Tap into the insights of a globally recognized thought leader in the field of human capital and the future of work. Ravin Jesuthasan’s research, including ground-breaking studies for the World Economic Forum, offers unparalleled expertise and guidance to propel your organization forward.

Elevate your next corporate event with keynote speaker Ravin Jesuthasan, a renowned thought leader and captivating motivational speaker. With his unparalleled expertise in the future of work and human capital, Ravin delivers powerful and inspiring talks that resonate with audiences worldwide.

As a sought-after keynote speaker, Ravin Jesuthasan is known for his ability to provide strategic insights and actionable solutions that drive success in today’s ever-evolving business landscape. His thought-provoking keynotes empower organizations to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital age, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

By booking Ravin Jesuthasan for your event, you unlock a wealth of knowledge and expertise that will benefit your organization in multiple ways. Gain strategic insights into the future of work, understanding how technological advancements, AI, and automation are reshaping industries. Discover practical strategies to optimize your human capital, attract and retain top talent, and create a culture of high performance.

Ravin’s acclaimed books, including “Reinventing Jobs” and “Transformative HR,” have received prestigious awards and accolades. His research and groundbreaking studies conducted for the World Economic Forum showcase his expertise in shaping people strategies and preparing organizations for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

By bringing Ravin Jesuthasan to your event, you provide your audience with an unforgettable experience. His dynamic speaking style, combined with compelling storytelling and real-world examples, leave a lasting impact on attendees. Ravin’s ability to connect with diverse audiences and deliver complex concepts in a relatable and engaging manner ensures that your event will be both educational and inspiring.

Booking Ravin Jesuthasan for your event is a strategic investment in the future success of your organization. His insights and actionable takeaways will empower your team to drive transformation, embrace innovation, and future-proof your business.

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Keynote by speaker Ravin Jesuthasan


Gain a practical understanding of what the future of work will really look like, and how it will impact organizations as they seek growth and success in an era of change and digital transformation. More importantly, this keynote session will help you understand how leaders can guide this change within their own organizations and will provide you with a framework that will help leaders responsibly apply automation to achieve a sustainable combination of humans and machines.

Keynote by speaker Ravin Jesuthasan


As technology continues its inexorable advance, will we see the continued empowerment and enablement of the individual? Will we see the decline of the organization as the primary means for organizing work? It is time to separate fact from fiction and embark on a journey to understand the why, what and how behind the future of work.

Keynote by speaker Ravin Jesuthasan


Curiosity and the drive to learn are going to be the most critical skills as the HR profession is on the edge of entering a demanding Fourth Industrial Revolution. As the traditional role of a Chief Human Resource Officer undergoes a transformation and turns into a Chief People Officer, with the convergence of technology, machines and humans, workplaces will soon hire Chief People and Machine Officers and Chiefs of Work. Increasingly this profession needs to shift from being a steward of employment to being a steward of work.

Keynote by speaker Ravin Jesuthasan


Understanding and meeting emerging skills demand and empowering individuals to learn, unlearn and relearn skills will need to form the basis of a new learning and working ecosystem – a shared vision for talent. The broad change that will be required in this new world of learning and work is to move away from traditional, front-loaded accreditation and siloed certificates to a system of lifelong learning infused with a shared set of skills-based indicators at its core. Such a system demands a common currency – one that can recognise, certify, reward and enhance skills, and create a common framework among individuals and national, sectoral and workplace actors. 

Keynote by speaker Ravin Jesuthasan

HR 4.0

The key strategies for business leaders and human resource executives to manage people and work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The keynote is based on the study, HR 4.0: Shaping People Strategies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), which was conducted in partnership with the World Economic Forum, Saudi Aramco, Unilever and Willis Towers Watson. It draws upon a series of consultations with select chief human resources officers and experts to identify emerging challenges arising from the future of work and a range of potential interventions to address them.

Keynote by speaker Ravin Jesuthasan


Your organization has made the decision to adopt automation and artificial intelligence technologies. Now, you face difficult and stubborn questions about how to implement that decision: How, when, and where should we apply automation in our organization? Is it a stark choice between humans versus machines? How do we stay on top of these technological trends as work and automation continue to evolve?

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Ravin Jesuthasan: Reinventing Jobs

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